turmeric besan facial mask getting smart with curcumin -

turmeric besan facial mask getting smart with  curcumin -
What is ginger powder?How good is it for our overall health and fitness?According to some studies, it has a lot of benefits for our body, about 3,000 clinical studies on ginger as the number one therapeutic drug.This spice is used in our cabinets and also in the art of cooking ingredients.About 5,000 years ago, Ginger was a Spice from India.Due to its beneficial effects on health, it is used as an alternative drug by Indians and Chinese.To achieve its full benefits, extract, dry and powdered Curry.But the common ginger extract only includes 2-5% curry, so it has to have a very large amount in order to get the beneficial effect of Curry drugs, because it contains more, which makes turmeric pills have an advantage.Also, if taken separately, the Curry does not absorb well in our body, but consuming black pepper with it increases the benefit because they have pepper and can enhance the absorption of the curry.Turmeric Turmeric medicinal purposesThat contains-Inflammatory effects: first, high resistancePain can be relieved.Inflammation, as a natural response to infection, is important in the mechanism of the immune system, although sometimes it mistakenly causes an inflammatory response and causes irritation to tissues and conditions, such as asthma and allergies, this is called chronic stimulation.According to the National Institutes of Health, people with chronic joint pain, muscle pain, or fibromyalgia, because they help reduce or block the inflammatory pathways, therefore, curry is actually a good and effective way to reduce swelling and support people with arthritis.They have antibacterial ability: in addition to-In addition, it is an anti-inflammatoryBecause essential oils contain microbial agents that prevent microbial progress, they help to destroy bacteria in our bodies.Great immune system booster: It is also an immune system booster due to its high antioxidant capacity.It is indeed five times stronger than vitamin C and E.Due to the oxidation damage of our body and the large number of free radicals that lead to faster aging, curcumin is committed to neutralizing free radicals and helping protect our system from any disease.Help you prevent cancer cells: In addition, it may prevent cancer cells in our body.According to Cancer Research in the UK, of the 25 patients who may have precancerous lesions in parts of most organs, it seems that it has disappeared and is avoided by Curry because it is able to kill bacteria, prevent cancer cells from increasing the body in the body.Other uses of ginger root to prevent hair loss: ginger root has therapeutic properties that help promote hair cell growth.For replacement and natural treatment, the scalp can be rejuvenated by simply adding ginger powder, honey and milk to reduce hair loss.Improve healthy skin: due to high resistanceGinger's antioxidant, no wonder it also supports a healthy skin condition, renewing pores and skin by removing dead skin cells and replacing it with new cell growth.It was also found and proved to enhance the softness of the skin.Helps with acne: for women looking for an alternative natural mask, they can simply Mix ginger powder with honey (honey contains anti-corrosion and antibacterial properties) and apply it for about five minutes, then rinse clean.
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