turmeric for wrinkles treatment and skin care - what you need to know - organic india skin care products

turmeric for wrinkles treatment and skin care  -  what you need to know  -  organic india skin care products
For many people, ginger powder for wrinkle treatment may be new, but it is rapidly becoming a home medicine for facial wrinkles.
However, this spice is not a newly discovered plant.
Also known as Indian saffron, it is used in
Eastern and Asian dishes such as hot and sour sauce, mustard pickles, Curry, etc.
It was not until the last year that the Western world began to use it for beauty and skin care.
So how to use this spice for skin care and wrinkle treatment, is it effective before we study Indian saffron for skin care and wrinkle treatment, let's start with its nutritional and medical value.
This spice has a lot of nutritional value.
It is rich in minerals, fiber, carbohydrates, protein and calcium.
These are all substances that are beneficial to our human body.
It's not surprising that there are many medical uses for the rich nutritional value.
It is used to relieve stomach distension and improve digestion.
In addition, this spice can also be used as a tonic for patients with liver damage and AIDS hepatitis and cirrhosis.
In addition, it also prevents arterial blockage by regulating bad cholesterol levels.
This is also a pain relief especially for joints and menstrual cramps.
Some people are turned off by its unique smell and taste.
But the truth is that the extract of this spice is used in many skin care products, and because of its therapeutic properties, many people are not aware of it.
For example, it is used in products for the treatment of dandruff, acne and psoriasis.
Also used to treat and prevent dry skin.
Confusing Indian saffron with wrinkles is an effective way to slow down skin aging, especially to reduce fine lines.
The preparation of the paste is also quite easy.
Just sprinkle some powder in a container with two teaspoons of butter milk.
Mix evenly until it becomes a paste.
Apply to areas where wrinkles are clearly visible and leave the paste for half an hour before washing it off.
Even if wrinkles are not a problem now, this spice is a good medicine to prevent wrinkles.
Use it as a mask twice a week for effective results.
These are just a few of Indian saffron skin care and men.
While this is an excellent spice with many ideal properties, it also has quite a bit of a problem.
It is not without side effects and must be careful so as not to overdose this spice.
Tests on animals show that too many Indian saffron can cause liver disease.
Although humans do not have similar findings, it is best to be cautious.
Some side effects are: some signs of telling the story are blurred vision, vague or slow speech, headache and numbness.
The stool will also turn black because of the traces of blood.
Those with severe internal bleeding may also vomit blood.
Bruising and massive bleeding with slow healing are also common signs.
Applying to the skin may cause skin irritation, but it usually fades after a few days.
If you encounter skin irritation, stop using ginger to treat wrinkles, and consult a doctor if the situation persists.
Avoid taking or using any form of Indian saffron unless permitted by a doctor.
For whatever purpose, it is best to consult an expert before using this spice.
Ginger root is not just an effective wrinkle therapy.
It also has many nutritional and medical values and is an effective beauty and skin care therapy.
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