tutankhamun: great golden face mask was actually made for his mother nefertiti, research reveals -

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tutankhamun: great golden face mask was actually made for his mother nefertiti, research reveals - liquid gold golden facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-23
tutankhamun: great golden face mask was actually made for his mother nefertiti, research reveals  -  liquid gold golden facial mask
The most iconic treasures of ancient Egypt
The gold mask of pharaoh Tutankhamen-was a second-
Hand family hand-me-down.
A new study by Nicholas Reeves, an Egyptian antiquities scientist in the UK, shows that it was originally made for a female pharaoh, possibly the famous beautiful ancient Egyptian queen, often referred to as nefer by the public today
This discovery provides fascinating supplementary information for some of the most important but least known historical events of ancient Egypt-religious revolution and counter-revolution
About 3350, there was a revolution in Egyptian society.
This episode has a broad historical significance because it can be said to be the first attempt to establish a monotheistic religious system anywhere in the world.
It failed in just a few years-but it could be Jewish Egyptians --
The associated prophets Moses and exodus have traditionally been traced back to a similar era. Nefertiti (
The beautiful woman is coming ")– the newly-
Reveals the original "owner" of King Tutankhamen's famous golden death mask-the wife of the monotheistic revolutionary leader Egypt's Pharaoh ahnanatten (
"Incarnation of the Sun Pan ").
But she could be.
Short architect
Living at the top of ancient religious reform
Forced worship plate (or ‘Aten’)
It may symbolize the nature, energy and power of the Sun God.
The evidence found by Dr. Reeves shows that the large and exquisite death mask of Tutankhamen is (
In addition to facial features)
For his mother (
Or maybe a step. mother)
, Nefertiti, from a detailed re-
Review of inscriptions on artifacts assigned to Tutankhamen.
The very careful study of the object-shaped text shows that the king's name is actually engraved on the name of an early man, which seems to give Nefertiti use after she becomes a common name
Pharaoh of Egypt, ankhepereMeryt-
Neferkhepureneferferuaten (
Literally means "the vivid expression of the Sun God, the darling of Akhenaten, the beauty of the Sun plate ").
Interestingly, the second one
The hand gold mask completes a broader picture in which many of the main other treasures of Tutankhamen (
Including his "middle" coffin, his internal miniature gold coffin, a golden breast ornament, some gold bands that decorate the body of the Tut mummy and a gold-plated statue)
Originally made for other members of the ancient Egyptian royal family. Thanks to Dr.
Reeves research, Tutankhamen's golden death mask has become part of one of Egypt's biggest unsolved mysteries-where is Queen naiferti buried?
Despite searching for more than a century, her grave has never been discovered.
Earlier this year, however,
Reeves hinted that there may be still undiscovered secret rooms in Tutankhamen cemetery, which has plunged the Egyptian learning world into excitement.
He even raised the possibility of a grave that could have been lost by Neferti.
So, three days ago, the Egyptian government began a detailed geography.
A physical investigation of Tutankhamen's tomb wall-they have found some anomalies so far, and they suspect that they may represent a hidden room.
Any Egyptian scientist suspected that the lost tomb of Neferti might lurk on a hill opposite the tomb of Tutankhamen --
Therefore, the possible additional rooms in the newly discovered Tutankhamen tomb complex are likely to contain the previously unsuspected extra King Tutankhamen treasure. But Dr.
Reeves found hidden inscriptions on the golden mask of tutanmon, which caused other problems.
Why would Nefertiti "steal" her mask-and when-and why it was given to Tutankhamen, her son.
The answer may be the difficult political situation that occurred during the collapse of the monotheistic experiment.
Ten years after Akhenaten and Nefertiti launched a religious revolution, there was some evidence that Egypt might have been hit by a terrible epidemic.
To ensure the continuation of his new monotheistic religion, perhaps afraid of death, Akhenaten decided to appoint his Queen Nefertiti as Unionruler.
He did it at a critical moment-because he did die in a few months.
His eight-year-old son, Tutankhamen
In that stage called Tutankhaten.
Become pharaoh and Nefti (
Use only her new longer Pharaoh name now)
Continue as common
A leading historian of this period, Dr. Aidan Dodson of the University of Bristol, said he was two main books about this era-Amarna Sunrise and Amarna Sunset
For three years, Nefertiti seems to have been trying to find a middle path between the old polytheistic system and the new monotheistic system.
But she died, too.
Nefertiti has made careful preparations for his death and is expected to be buried as a complete Pharaoh in Egypt (
Gold death mask for her pharaoh).
But after her death, two pious traditional generals effectively seized power using Nefertiti's son, Tutankhamen, as the puppet Pharaoh.
They seem determined to abandon Nefertiti's policy of religious compromise and return to the traditional polytheistic religion. Dr.
Reeves found that Tutankhamen's golden death mask was originally made for Nefertiti, a powerful supplementary evidence of deliberate political demotion after her death.
"This discovery is repeated.
"I think after her death she was deprived of the status of Pharaoh and may have been simply buried as Queen," Dr. Dodson said . ".
New evidence suggests that her death mask was therefore never used at a funeral or in a grave-but was stored and eventually recycled for Tutankhamen.
King Tutankhamen's golden mask-currently considered a major art --
Therefore, the object of history may now also become the world's first known symbol of a major ideological struggle between monotheistic and polytheistic.
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