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Uncovering the growth in the facial mask market. - activated charcoal detoxifying facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-19
Uncovering the growth in the facial mask market.  -  activated charcoal detoxifying facial mask
Looking at the global skincare market, facial masks may be one of the few categories that dominate Asia.
This is especially true in China, where facial masks have become the fastest growing category in recent years.
According to Ogilvy & Mather, the number of mask brands in China has quadrupled in the past two years, reaching 300 in 2014.
The current market size is estimated at $1.
6 billion, an average annual growth rate of nearly 30%.
With this huge growth, the market is filled with a wide variety of masks, claiming that the various ingredients and technologies are dazzling, most of which are inspired by traditional skin care/lotion ingredients, such as plant/Chinese medicine extract and hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, collage and peptides.
The function of the mask claims to be basically consistent with the overall skin care industry, where Shine and moisturizing/hydrating dominate and resistaging andanti-
Pollution/detoxification is catching up quickly.
As competition intensifies, standing out from the crowd has become a big challenge for all brands to compete in the mask market.
So the brands we are seeing now try to differentiate themselves in various ways.
Very good active ingredients
As we all know, both traditional skin care creams/lotions and foods and medicines play an important role in increasing the instant credibility of the product efficacy statement, thus contributing to the difference.
Manufacturers in the food and pharmaceutical industries are also increasingly entering the market through masks containing meals or OTC ingredients that consumers can easily identify.
An example of this recent cross-cutting is the Food and Agriculture Group, the northern wild agriculture group, in the northeastern province of China.
Its northeast specialty mask was launched in the third quarter of 2014, featuring extracts from grains and beans, as well as traditional Chinese medicines such as ginseng and black fungus, which are the main crops in the northeast.
In addition to the active ingredients, the formula that can provide new sensory feelings due to enhanced user experience also helps differentiate the brand;
This is an example of thermal activation shielding.
Another notable example is the overnight mask. This rinse-
The free product claims to provide convenience and critical care for the skin overnight-
Very similar to traditional evening cream or lotion.
Overnight Mask water, gel-
Like texture, and its refreshing feel and visuals in the application, can help distinguish it from traditional products.
Substrate material for stripping
In addition to the mask, there is another useful way to distinguish: the substrate.
With the presentation of various statements, the sub-layers are also beginning to diversify in terms of material source, structure and shape. Cotton-
Base non-woven fabric is the most extensive underlying material for masks, especially for masks with lower contentPricing products.
While most brand owners strive to differentiate their products and even upgrade to mass levels, even prestige levels, substrates made of other natural materials such as bamboo or pulp, or work together with different functional materials such as charcoal or nano-fibers.
This new substrate can not only promote the environmental protection of the brand
Friendly and sustainable positioning, but also offers tangible skin care benefits, carrying more lotion on the skin compared to synthetic or cotton and therefore more activebasednonwovens.
More activities usually improve the user experience.
But the substrate can make people feelgood factor.
For example, Super
Thin light and transparent sheets bring a comfortable feeling even if they fit closely with the facial profile.
In the case of white charcoal--
(Also known as Binchotan) base mask, which goes a step further, the substrate containing this special type of charcoal can release the anion during the application to relax and calm the skin.
Another example worth mentioning here is Tencel, a wood
It is said that it can soothe sensitive skin and release the derived substrate of the emulsion on demand.
This material has also been publicized as hygienic and sustainable.
Its manufacturer Austria is known as the substrate of the new era
Headquartered in lenzing AC and local partner Nox-
Novo Chemical Co. , Ltd. (Zhongshan)
More and more brands are upgrading their products to take advantage of it.
As the mask industry is increasingly subdivided, new products are more specific in terms of application scenarios and target groups to differentiate them from other products.
An example of a more specific application recently is from well shemingtuan, a brand that is underground
Guangzhou Jibao daily necessities Co. , Ltd. , a well-known OEM/ommanufacturer in China, Ltd.
The latest series of masks launched in the fall are called front and back makeup.
As the name shows, the mask is dedicated to the easymakeup app and long-lasting wear.
Contains seaweed extract that is said to detoxify and nourish the skin before makeup, and caviar extract and jasmine extract in charcoal after makeup
Based on masksubstrate.
As in many other areas of personal beauty, men are increasingly seen as a high potential group by brand managers, especially those whose products are sold online or have high potentialendpositioning.
Some observers say the men claim
Only products are as diverse as women.
Boston, for example.
The local brand Men has launched a range of masks for Men in their 20 s and 30 s.
Made of silk
The product contains substrates from oil control, hydration and resistance
After sunburn and sunburn.
Despite the market penetration rate of more than 40% in 2014, the mask market is still widely regarded as unsaturated and new players continue to emerge.
Differentiated will continue to play an important role in the success of a brand, so it will be interesting to see current manufacturers and their substrate partners being able to capture the mask market.
China website: wwv.
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