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Uses and Side Effects of Ammonium Lactate Cream - what is a cosmeceutical skin care product

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-18
Uses and Side Effects of Ammonium Lactate Cream  -  what is a cosmeceutical skin care product
If the itching sensation caused by a very dry skin often bothers you, your doctor may advise you to use ammonium sulfate 12 cream as it can relieve the awkward appearance and symptoms.
Read this beautiful article to learn about the use and side effects of creams.
Don't forget to take a look at the precautions before using the cream.
Dehydration, vitamin A deficiency, and some α-lactic acid toxic acids (AAAs) produced in the body are the main contributing factors for corneal cell cohesion.
The extreme dryness of the skin may force you to scratch the skin, but this does not help to eliminate the feeling of itching.
Scratching often leads to worsening symptoms.
Lack of water on the upper layer of the skin causes the skin to dry.
Ammonium lactic acid 12 cream can keep the skin hydrated. if it is caused by dry and cracked skin, it can temporarily relieve itching.
Cream helps to keep moisture in the outer layer of the skin and ultimately helps to reduce dryness and itching.
Lactic acid, an α-oh acid (AHA), was found in tissues and blood ).
Use various compounds such as α-oh acid in the skin
Nursing products with exfoliating function.
They help keep the skin moist when applied locally.
They effectively hydrate the outermost layer of the skin (the outermost layer of the skin.
In addition, applying lactic acid on the skin helps to reduce corneal cell cohesion (dead skin cells glued to the surface of the skin ).
It has been found that excessive horn disorder (more and more dead skin cells attached to hair) is the main cause of most skin diseases today, usually falling off due to increased cohesion of corneal cells (separation of dead cells) the result of reduction.
Usually, dead cells are thrown out of follicles as the hair grows.
However, in the process of excessive kerification, some dead skin cells do not leave the follicles due to the natural protein found in the skin-excessive collagen.
Although the release of excessive Kerins is affected by genetic factors, symptoms can be alleviated with the help of appropriate drug treatment.
Here are some basic information about lactose ammonium cream, its use and side effects.
Common brand name: Lac-
Hydrin, Ann, Geri-
Zijiao, milk oil, Zijiao cream, Al-
Drug Category and mechanism: it is an
Itchy prescription drugs.
This topical medication is made of 12% lactic acid and sodium hydroxide.
It is provided in the form of cream and lotion.
The lotion is thinner and lighter and can be used throughout the body (for example, if it is eczema ).
Both 280g (two 140g tubes) and 385g bottles have lactose ammonium cream.
There are 225 grams and 400 grams of lotion.
The pH value can be 4. 4 -5.
16 alcohol (moisturizer, skin softener ).
Like urea and lactic acid, the sixteenth alcohol softens the angle. like keratin.
This promotes the removal of dead skin cells.
It helps the skin retain more moisture. âx9eº Laureth-
4 (the lotion is difficult to rinse from the skin without this ingredient.
Silicon aluminum magnesium (cream becomes thicker due to its ability to retain a lot of water. âx9eº PEG-
Pure water.
Drugs can be used to treat dry, squamous skin diseases (E. G. g.
Dry skin ).
It helps to relieve itching of the skin caused by dry or similar conditions.
It helps to increase/maintain moisture in the skin.
It can be used to treat unusual ichthyosis (a common genetic skin disease that causes dry, scalded, itchy skin ).
Ammonium emulsion 12% lotion is applied once a day after bathing, which is effective for Khan kerhua (KP.
It can be combined with urea.
It also works well for acne.
AHAs is effective for skin condition related to excessive dead skin layers on the surface of the skin.
There is a tingling or burning sensation in the skin.
The skin may turn red.
Darker/brighter skin.
Red dot on rash or skin.
Cream is free of common allergens and is unlikely to cause very serious allergic reactions.
However, if there are symptoms of severe allergic reactions;
For example, measles, itching/swelling (especially face/tongue/throat), dizziness, confusion, difficulty breathing, etc.
Note that patients should be sent to the nearest hospital immediately.
It may be harmful to swallow this medicine.
If swallowing or excess is suspected, contact the emergency room immediately.
One may notice a slight peeling or dryness of the skin.
Serious peeling, bruising and discoloration require immediate medical attention.
People who are allergic to any ingredient should avoid using this cream.
Otherwise, he may suffer from adverse reactions.
If any of the above side effects persist or deteriorate, you should contact your doctor or pharmacist in a timely manner.
The drug was administered to adults and children over the age of 2.
If you want to use children under the age of 2, you should consult a doctor first.
You can apply the cream twice a day in the affected area.
You should get involved thoroughly.
Pregnant and lactating women should consult a doctor and use the drug if they really need it.
The researchers are not sure if the drug will enter breast milk.
Ammonium lactic acid cream should be used externally.
Contact with the eyes, lips or mucosa should be avoided.
Should not be applied in the mouth, nose or vagina.
If you are allergic to any substance, notify your doctor before using the cream.
Some inactive ingredients in the cream can cause allergic reactions or other problems.
Tell him your medical history, too.
If possible, the doctor will monitor if you have a drug interaction.
Tell him about other skincare products you use a lot.
Cream should not be applied to damaged skin (bruises, wounds, cracks, erosion or scratches), cracked skin and recently shaved skin.
It may cause tingling or burning sensation.
Cream can make you more sensitive to the sun.
Avoid prolonged exposure.
Use sunscreen and wear protective clothing outdoors.
The place where you apply the cream should be protected from the sun. A long-
Long-term light-cancer studies were conducted in hair-free albinism mice.
The researchers noted that the local application of 12% ammonium lactic acid cream has increased the UV-
The formation of skin tumors.
Don't share ammonium cream or lotion with others.
Store the cream and emulsion between 15 °c and 30 °c (59 °c to 86 °c.
Do not start, stop or change the dose of the drug without consulting a doctor.
If the skin condition deteriorates after treatment, please consult the doctor immediately.
Usually, people who use the drug do not have serious side effects.
But it's better to take precautions.
To prevent dry skin, take a bath with warm water.
Very hot water can take away the natural grease of your skin.
You can use a humidifier if the air is very dry.
Drinking a lot of water, juice and other healthy liquids keeps the cells hydrated.
Some simple changes in diet and lifestyle can help keep the skin hydrated.
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