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Using Chalks On Stamped Images - wet paper towels vs tissues

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-12
Using Chalks On Stamped Images  -  wet paper towels vs tissues
If you are like me, you may have chalk that is not noticed or used in your craft space.
Our pens, marker pens and pencils are too busy, and our chalk is often idle.
Why not take out your chalk and start using them more often.
I did it, and I got a lot.
Chalk is perfect for adding soft colors to almost any paper item.
They last forever and are easy to use.
They are never dry and take up very little space.
Using chalk can be one of the most cost-effective ways to color stamped images.
But more importantly, they offer an art medium that adds color to all of your paper crafts.
The only tool you really need is a set of chalk and a non-alcoholic mixer pen.
Chalk and pastels are a very cheap way to color almost any stamped image.
They came as singles or sets.
These suits appear in a layered plastic container in wafer form, or as a palette of two shades with the same color.
They also came like sticks.
In addition to the chalk of the pastel type, there is metal cream chalk that looks sparkling.
Note: regular pencil erasers are not designed for use with mixed chalk.
They contain harsh materials that damage the paper and can cause confusion in your chalk area. e paper towels.
The image you stamped
Of course, the first thing you need to start with is a stamped picture.
You will want to mark your image with permanent ink like momink ink.
Allow the image to be completely dry or heated with a heating tool to speed up the drying time.
Look at the image and consider the different areas of the image.
The color you will want to use in each area of the image.
There are many ways to apply chalk to the image you stamp.
Special chalk sets usually include crocodile Collet.
These are very convenient, especially where there are small parts of the image.
The clip at the end has a very small cotton ball or pompball.
While you can apply chalk with your fingers, I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a background.
It will mess up your project.
You'll take more chances to apply colors where you don't want them.
Other applicators that can be used include q suction head, disposable cosmetic applicator, sponge, small cotton balls.
Many of these products can be purchased at local dollar stores.
A harder applicator like a cotton swab or cosmetic applicator will give you a harder, more detailed line.
You don't need a rainbow to get the extra color.
You can make new colors by mixing your chalk.
The color wheel helps to get the right tone.
Mix on paper--
To mix colors on the applicator, immerse the applicator in a chalk color and then in the second color;
Rub the applicator on paper to create a new color.
For example, first apply Brown on the applicator and then red;
When they are applied to paper, the two colors are mixed together to form a Burgundy wine.
You can make highlights in two ways: one is to apply light colored chalk on dark paper.
Another technique is to color an area with a darker color and then highlight the area next to it with a brighter color.
Water and brushes can make your chalk look different.
You just have to brush with water and paint.
Using water technology can make the finished project look darker and more vivid.
Water does not hurt chalk in any way.
Be sure to use clean water every time you change the color, otherwise you may get your chalk dirty.
Dip the brush into the water and rub the chalk.
For detailed work, use fine brush paint.
Experiment with this technology and have fun. -
Poke your image with clear embossed ink.
Gently tap some chalk color on the image with the applicator.
Don't rub the color inside. -
Color your stamped image with dry pastel.
Take a wet brush and check the chalk with a wet brush.
They will become very energetic.
Be sure to clean up the brush when you change the color. -
This is a liquid that you can use to create watercolors.
It is a kit with cups and applicator.
You can also use a small watercolor pen.
Chalk board Technology
Stamp the dark card paper with white ink and the stamp of your choice.
By decorating the color on the image, color it in the image with soft chalk.
Try the chalk template.
: Use a knife to put about an inch of water into a pot a little larger than your card, and scrape chalk dust of several colors on the surface of the water.
Lay the paper flat on the water, pick up the color and bring the card back from the water immediately.
Flat allowed.
If there is a fold in your paper, it can be ironed to flatten.
Place chalk in the center of the work area. .
But you can use your chalk to get creative.
Create waves with "c" and lines create highlights around the sun.
When layering colors, always layer with the lightest color first.
Wipe away the excess dust with paper towels, but be sure not to apply chalk.
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