view larger facial clay mask 300ml face body clay masks-wanted to know about clay face masks

view larger facial clay mask 300ml face body clay masks-wanted to know about clay face masks
Facial clay mask is part of a comprehensive skin care system and must be included in daily dietary care at least twice a week.However, there is clay and then there is high quality cosmetic/Beauty Clay.Argiletz Clay is one of the best clay in the market today.They are not contaminated and have many beneficial effects on the skin, so it is ideal to use the clay mud mask of the face and body.But what exactly are these clay masks and what makes your skin so beneficial?In this article, we looked at clay masks and how they work, so this is an important part of your skin care plan and how your skin can benefit from use.What is clay?Clay is a natural substance containing minerals and nutrients.Clay is part of most soils, and gardeners around the world are very familiar with the properties of clay.The beauty industry uses clay in different ways, however, their application does not change the performance of clay.Argiletz clay is high quality dried clay from the Argiletz area of France, where they are taken to a specific depth without contamination.Extraction under very strict conditions to ensure its mineral content and purity are maintained.Argiletz green clay, for example, is a natural biological mineralConcentrate, containing various minerals and trace elements, silicon, aluminum, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, selenium, cobalt, manganese, etc.What is facial clay?How do they work on the skin?These minerals, trace elements and other nutrients listed above have detoxification, nourishing and soothing effects on repair and skin.Clay is naturally absorbed, absorbing toxins from the depths of the skin tissue, thus cleaning and detoxifying the skin.A slight grain texture will peel off the dead cells from the surface of the skin, while the nutrients in the clay will make the skin more compact.By adding plant water sols such as Melissa, Niauoli, Rose, etc., the natural advantages of different facial/body clay can be further improved.The clay types we use in clay masks for face/body these clay are many types of clay, however, in this article I will focus on the best quality clay in the market today.Different masks are used for clay, Argiletz clay face/body for wild herbal products.The green clay mask clay with the most absorbing capacity of green clay is usually used for tissue repair, to extract toxins from the skin and to normalize excessive oil or sweat secretions.The facial clay mask is suitable for facial or body masks, cleaning, exfoliating, smoothing and softening the skin.Green Clay is especially good at discharging toxins.White clay is a soft clay used for ordinary skin.Features similar to green clay, suitable for young sensitive or mature delicate facial mask and body skin.White clay is a deodorant and a great natural alternative to body powder.White clay is the preferred clay for hand-made facial masks for soothing and softening dry hands.Red clay is rich in iron oxide and color and is useful for cracked capillaries, bags under the eyes and sensitive skin types.For tuning of the chest, thigh, abdomen and arm.Red clay is an oily, slightly absorbent clay used to cover up the face and body when the skin is dry, sensitive or mature.Pink Clay this clay is intended for use in maintenance procedures for the face and body.The softening effect of pink clay refines the skin texture while conditioning the skin (top layer of the skin.Yellow clay is used for ordinary skin and has similar properties to green clay.Super Light clay is made of iron, Xanthoria parietina.Yellow clay is usually used for facial and body masks, especially if you need to regenerate your skin and body condition.It is recommended that most skin use yellow clay to restore tired and neglected skin.Note: Be careful with colored clay, there are many manufacturers adding molds to clay to produce artificial colored clay with different properties and effects that can cause more damage.So what is the effect of careful selection of natural clay on the skin?As mentioned above, clay is Clay Argiletz pure, rich in minerals and helps clean, recuperate and rejuvenate the skin when used for facial masks and/or body/cream.They also have a nourishing effect on the skin.It is important to choose the right facial clay for your skin.How do you laugh?The Earth medicine facial clay should be used once or twice a week before refreshing moisturizing and cleansing the skin as a special treatment.Clay mixtureThe base gel can be used as a gentle exfoliating scrub conditioning, but a mixture of clay based creams can be used as a mask for nourishing, moisturizing and moisturizing.MasksThe clay-The base cream is designed to be used as a mask.Apply enough cream clay for face and neck, 10-15 minutes.Rinse with warm water.
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