wearing a mask to cover facial disfigure mask of the idealized self - selfgrowth.com

wearing a mask to cover facial disfigure mask of the idealized self - selfgrowth.com
Quote: "You are the star of the show before the curtain is closed.The mask is gone. Who are you?Do you really know?We worship others in order to integrate into society.Is the mask you wear true or false?It is difficult to meet people's expectations of you.Play this role for too long and forget your inner beauty.More importantly, the wrong feeling of self or choice reality.Take the time to find out who you really are.Wearing a mask doesn't make you a real star.How you see life and find happiness in your heart.The idea of refusing to try to fit into the crowd just to be someone you are not.Change your friends if people can't accept who you are.The ideal self is not you so far.You are a mask of disguise.The mask we wear is an idealized image of ourselves.God created us as real beings, not others.You can play a role and be free.Role-Play is a form of escape from reality.This is a fantasy world of false images.False images are also hard to live.Such high standards and requirements can keep you from the truth.People judge each other by appearance, but never judge a book until you sit down and read it.When you form an idealized selfImage, self-growth until there is no limit to it.We perceive these images along the way and create a different face for the world, and as they say, this is the mask.You are a beautiful and unique blessing from God.Stop looking for applause from the audience.If you want to feel accepted, learn to accept yourself.That's how you build yourself.No fear of becoming someone else's confidence.For example, were you interested in being a singer when you were a child?Did your parents disappoint you or encourage you to go out and be a winner?As adults, we have covered up those special memories from a long time ago, but the truth still exists in our hearts.You will find your true talent.Express your true self, and this is where you will find it.The idealistic self knows nothing about unity.It will live itself and in a world of duality.Why be the one you're not?It's a blessing to know who you really are.Who are you?You are the star God made you.Be true to yourself and let others see.When you try to stay alive, the self will provide this energy to you with your pride.Too much self will distract you from being real.How long can you stay on such a high base?It's always experienced to get you back to reality.It's not fun when the mind reaches crazy.Stop on your track and think for a minute.If you can accept your true self, why idealize the false image?Do you always get the approval you need or look down on others for not taking you seriously?Of course you know.Self lies and runs from the truth.You have such amazing ability to live from your own heart.Look in the mirror and focus on what you see.Your heart has the ability to be your own star.You don't need any false images to prove who you are.God makes you the best of yourself.Put aside the image of society, focus only on reality.Whenever you feel depressed from the show, take off the mask of the idealized self and let go of yourself.We move along the path of releasing ourselves.Copyright 2009 Womensintuit.The rights and copyrights are reserved under the clay of Valencia.
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