wearing a mask to cover facial disfigure the mask - selfgrowth.com

wearing a mask to cover facial disfigure the mask - selfgrowth.com
Just as the mask mysteriously hides who or what is behind it, life has many mysteries.When a person is waiting for the mysterious revelation, curiosity may be aroused because he experiences a feeling of expectation.Masks are used as cover-A means of hiding the real identity or image behind the mask.Millions of children and adults use masks in festivals such as Halloween, masquerade, parties, Carnival and Chinese New Year celebrations as well as various productions.These are festive events for entertainment and excitement, which usually bring fun to the participants.I'm sure all of you reading this have put on masks at some point in your life.These masks are very obvious and are often identified as people who have lived, cartoon or mythical characters, or as well known people in our lives now.But some people wear another mask.The mask I just mentioned is an invisible mask and when in reality it is a mask we recognize it as a specific identity --Hide the true identity of the individual.You may have heard of something like this: "He/she definitely shows their real color."In this case, the other side of a person appears, and at that moment their invisible mask is removed.What they hide under the mask is now revealed.My belief is that many people in your life are wearing masks now;Maybe you too.You believe that they are a specific person when they are actually others.Maybe they always smile and act happily, but they are full of fear and anxiety.One day, one thing happens and what they say or do shows the other side of them, sometimes called their "dark side "."I saw this cover as a spiritual life coach --Because once individuals can no longer deal with the fighting inside of them, they keep looking for me.The pressure of trying to keep the image of who they are trying to be is getting too much and they are holding back.However, others have been sticking to this image all their lives, wearing masks at whatever cost.As anyone in the health field will tell you, stress is a killer, even the medical community.Stress can destroy the immune system and burn adrenaline.Our stress regulators can cause heart disease and many other diseases and disrupt many relationships.Trying to keep the image of your mask is a major source of stress that can have a disastrous impact on your life at some point.So what is the solution?It's really simple, but it's hard to achieve for a lot of people-Just be yourself.This means that no matter where you are, no matter who you are with, you always act in the same way, speak in the same way, and are the same.Your standards, values, and ethical guidelines remain the same, and everyone around you can prove who you are.In the past, I was very insecure and had a very low self.Image, so I pretend this is-it-all-People together.I want to prove to myself and my friends and family how great I am by doing many physical things to prove that I have achieved and deserve what they have done to meDeep down, however, I feel scared and anxious and can never really relax because I feel like I'm really not a person with all these abilities and can never be measured.This puts a lot of pressure on me because I know that I don't think highly of myself, and I'm certainly not perfect enough, even though I work hard and do a lot of extra things, I hope I can convince myself and the people in my life that I am a completely amazing person.Then one day I crashed!I am in poor health because of worries and worries.up.My adrenaline is in a mess but no one knows so I'm in pain.It took me years on my healing journey until I understood the whole picture.Yes, my body has collapsed and it has to be addressed through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes, but the reason it was broken was because of my inner stress and lack of awareness of my natural glory.If I don't do things in some way, I 've grown up in the wrath of God, so I always feel like I'm not enough.But when I was an adult, I learned how to hide my fears and deficiencies by pretending to be the person I wanted to be: calm, calm, happy collection, full of energy and joy.I also gradually understand that when physical symptoms occur, the negative energies created within me have crossed the spiritual, emotional, and spiritual realms, and when it reaches the physical realms, well, that's what I meant --the cosmic two-by-Four, if you want.When I began to discover my true identity, I was actually a child of God, born with amazing talent and the ability to create everything I wanted in my life, I started to change from the low self war in my heart.Realize that I don't need to prove my worth to anyone because I 've been worth it since I was born.First of all, I began to understand it in my mind and accept this belief, but I didn't really know the fact until I put it in my heart, and I became the one I had always dreamed of being: calm, calm, collect, be happy, full of energy and joy.The most amazing aspect of this whole shift is that the mask I 've worn over the years is actually the one I can be, and eventually become me!In reality, we often pose the person we want to be, and we can be that person.It starts with the selfRecognize and know that you are as worthy as you are and don't have to do anything to get your value.Most people wear masks on the faces of people they want to be, and this person is better than they think.We do find that some people pretend to be loving, loving, and honest, but find this a cover --Composed of less loving, caring, or moral people they portray.Although some people are evil inside, their ugliness finally appears.I 've heard stories like this several times: a person lives two lives at the same time, married to two spouses with two sets of children, however, until one day all the deceit surfaced, the real story was revealed and neither husband nor wife knew the truth.I'm afraid we did find a lot of people wearing this cheat mask.When I took off the mask and became my true self, I was relieved.No more self-pity or self-disapproval.I become the same every day, without depression, without shame and blame.In the warm spring day, I remove the pressure like winter clothes.I was able to take a deep breath and relax, and that's what I have to learn to do because I 've become an expert in shallow breathing and tight-knotted muscles, and it's a symptom of stress.All of this is possible because I changed my inner programming and believed and accepted my true value;They no longer need masks or masks because they no longer need them.My invitation to you is to pick up your mask, tear it off and throw it in the trash can.Walk into your heart, discover your true identity, and then live as that person.If you don't like what you see, chances are you'll want to change something and start releasing your old thoughts and beliefs about yourself, and start turning into ideas and beliefs that will push you into the person you want to be.I can guarantee that you can do it if you really want to make a change.It begins with a choice, your choice, which brings an incredible opportunity to create an extraordinary life for someone you wish to be!Make a choice today, start a new direction, a direction that makes you your own, like you, a wonderful, magnificent one with the power to create the life you wantYou don't need a mask;You just need a mirror to see who you really are!
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