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Wedding Makeup for Beginners - bobbi brown skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-06
Wedding Makeup for Beginners  -  bobbi brown skin care products
Wedding Makeup is part of the big day for brides of any age.
Whether you choose a traditional wedding or a unique DIY wedding, there are many different ways to make up.
It should enhance your natural beauty and become the makeup style you wear comfortably.
After all, this is your wedding and it will be an incredibly memorable day for the rest of your life.
Nothing is worse than the bride feeling out of comfort zone because of her makeup application.
As a freelancer
As an artist, I make up for many brides, bridesmaids, mothers of brides and grooms, and wedding guests.
My work has been in many different places including New Zealand and Ireland.
From traditional weddings to themed weddings, I enjoy every time and listening to the bride's requirements is an important part of my work.
In other words, look over the top and look at the tears.
Makeup will be done by cosmetic consultants, beauticians and even others --
Artists and the feeling that they allow the bride or anyone to leave like orange chaos or make up in a completely inappropriate way is completely unforgivable.
My first suggestion is not to be nervous and not to worry about makeup.
The first decision made a few months in advance is, do you make your own makeup or professional makeup?
This is your decision. Some brides-to-
Be careful with makeup and prefer your own app.
On the other hand, you may feel that you are not usually a makeup person, so it will be more comfortable to finish it professionally.
With this in mind, I 've put together two sets of beginner makeup tips to keep this part of your wedding stress free and have a welcome time on the big day. Hiring a Make-
Hiring someone to make up for you isn't necessarily a scary or daunting offer.
If you know or are referred to, look at their availability, price, trial makeup, flexibility (will they come to your house) and experience.
Do it about 10 days before the wedding.
A good idea is to do a trial run of your hair on the same day so you can get a good idea of what's going on the day and prevent these stress triggers.
What you need to show or explain to the makeup artist is;
Color Cotton swab for bridesmaid dress, color theme, bridal bouquet, flowers, wedding dress information and personal ideas.
They should also ask if you are allergic, what is your skin type, what is your normal makeup procedure, and you should bring a sample of your product.
Makeup professionals should look at what you want in your makeup, what you like, what you don't like, and any different marks or tattoos you want to hide.
If you are wearing a completely sleeveless dress, remember to wear a similar top when you try makeup.
Do not leave certain treatments such as face, eyebrow shaping, eyelash dyeing, nail art, pedicure and body spray until the last minute.
By the way, these are not all necessities, just a sign of the care of many popular brides.
Mistakes, skin irritation, and allergies can happen, and the last thing you want is this happening the day before the wedding or on the day of the wedding.
If you have very specific cultural traditions like Asian weddings, I will find someone with a lot of experience in makeup.
When you make up, make up
Up artists will not usually be wedding guests, so they will not take pictures at hand during the day and at night.
No matter what lipstick and lip products are used, I recommend you to buy them.
Every item you don't need to use for a quick touch, a compact translucent powder for keeping the photo skin matte, some Q-
Tips, eyeliner and your lips should be enough for you to be in your wallet the same day.
Wedding Makeup is usually a very neutral and simple makeup designed to enhance your natural features and make you shine more brightly.
Think less by keeping it simple but flattering.
Still, it is generally considered the most difficult type of application because it has to be perfect and after all it is your wedding.
It should last all day and must come to see you through all the tears, kisses, hugs, meals and dancing.
Simple but effective makeup is easy to implement for beginners, so don't be discouraged.
Before make-up, you should do some preparation steps to make the make-up app an easy thing for the bride to achieve on the wedding day.
Make sure you eat right 6 weeks before your wedding, sleep well and keep hydrated every day.
All of these elements affect the skin and behave in a different way.
A diet high in fat and sugar can lead to facial imperfections, pustules, ruptures, dull skin, edema, and uneven skin tone.
Keep them to a minimum;
Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and more fiber-rich foods.
Lack of sleep can lead to skin fatigue, dark circles in the eyes, swollen eyes, looks incomplete, what does the bride want?
Increase your water intake and make sure to drink at least 8 cups a day and drink more if you can control it.
Added cucumber and lemon.
Put a water tank in the refrigerator, drink every meal and every meal-between.
Do some work with you.
Water can have a huge impact on the skin and remove all the toxins in the body that keep you healthy.
Take care of your skin.
Regular skin care is important.
If you would like to learn more about cleaning, moisturizing, skin exfoliating and facial masks, check out these articles to keep your skin in the best shape for your wedding. . . .
Clean Makeup brush ready.
All you need is a paint, blush brush, two eye shadow brushes, eyeliner brush (optional), lip brush (your bag can scale), foundation brush and cover conce brush.
There are many other brushes, but if you don't buy a small set of brushes, this is the best way to reduce your expenses and there are many options.
For quick and simple ideas, you can do it at home using common products.
A few days before the wedding, get your eyebrows off or do it yourself, not on the day, because they usually make the skin a little red for a day or so.
The night before the wedding, put all your pieces in a place with natural light.
This will save any time to look around for things on big days.
Wear a long dress or a top with a full length zipper or button. No t-
Shirts or anything you need to pull over.
Hair can also be done, so keep it simple whether it's hair or makeup.
After applying the cream and eye cream, wait 10 minutes before applying the foundation.
You need to let the moisturizer absorb into the skin.
Some Foundation and facial powders may look different in the photos, because they reflect different light, so be sure to shoot with a flash before the big day.
Your foundation should be applied to the neck and fully mixed with the foundation brush.
There should be no difference from other visible parts of the body.
Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone.
Check in daylight and artificial lights.
You need to have a long lasting makeup that fits your skin type.
Be sure to try it out before buying.
Use a small amount of foundation to mix fully around the hair line.
If you need to apply it more, it's easier to add more than to try to take it off.
It is easy to achieve uniform application with a brush, don't forget to apply gently on the eyelids and lips.
It helps to form the foundation of lipstick and eye shadow.
Use a translucent loose powder and gently set the base to avoid the glow.
The compact look makes it easy for you to continue your day shooting and make your makeup matte, nothing worse than the shiny face in all wedding photos.
Translucent without color is the best choice for all occasions.
A good cover cream is worth it on gold.
Gently apply all skin imperfections with a cover ce brush.
It should be gently applied under the eyes to minimize any dark circles and thin lines.
Some are better to apply with ringing fingers and shoot in.
Lavender neutralizes the yellow color of the skin.
There is a loose translucent powder and the surface is matte, which will lay the foundation and keep any gloss, which is important for the photo.
The compact version is perfect for placing in the wallet as it is small in size.
If you prefer to have one, use a compact facial powder.
Apply with a puff and gently press the foundation and cover the face on the conce cream.
Then wipe off the mixed dust with a powder brush.
Avoid too many flashes and keep your eyes fairly matte but defined.
I suggest at least 3 eye shadows.
Use natural or light colors on the eyelids.
For those looking for a natural look, a soft peach, Brown, coral or soft pink is a good choice.
The crease line uses darker shades to make the eyes stand out.
It is important to mix it in order to avoid hard edges.
Just under the eyebrows, add a highlighter in cream, white, light peach, light pink or light coral with a highlighter pen, and there may be a little flicker.
Mix it together.
There are different kinds of eyeliner to choose from.
Pencil, liquid eyeliner, powder eyeliner, or pen type.
Find something useful to you by experimenting beforehand.
Before use, place the Eye Pencil in the refrigerator and sharpen it for easy application.
Pencil and eyeliner are easier to use than liquid for beginners.
Apply eyeliner at the top of the lash line and below the eye of the lash root, and mix all the lines with the eyeliner brush.
Applying a pencil eyeliner on the inside of the eye adds more clarity, but for people with large eyes, this is the only sensible option because it will make the eyes look smaller.
Prior practice will determine what suits you and what style suits you.
So you're ready.
The bride on the wedding day.
Be sure to shed tears or fill the bucket so be prepared!
If you already have a good one!
If not, my suggestion is that Max Factor mascaras has been using them religiously professionally and personally for over 20 years. excellent.
Always be very careful when trying to test mascara because eye infections are easy to spot. beforehand.
You don't have to choose black, but black-
The softer color is brown or Brown.
Especially the golden eyelashes should choose the brown waterproof mascara.
Apply mascara after eye shadow and eyeliner, starting with top lashes close to the roots, working down and under lashes.
Carefully place facial tissue under your eyes to prevent the mascara from hiccups.
Apply mascara gently on the lower lashes.
The mascara is useful to prevent the mascara from lumps by combing the eyelashes before it dries.
It makes the eyelashes look more natural, not heavy and stick together.
This type of brush is usually equipped with a brush part, which is ideal for checking the eyebrows.
You want a blush with a natural glow on your cheeks.
Apply powder blush after flour;
Cream Blush before face powder.
For weddings, I would recommend using powder as it is more clearly defined for photos, but it may still look natural.
Coral is a nice, generally flattering color.
A pink tone with a small flash or matte finish.
Keep it soft, smooth and soft.
This should be included in your weekly skincare routine and will not leave until the last minute.
This will have all the impact on your lipstick's ability to apply, look and last your lips.
Gently outline the lips with a lip pen that matches the color of the lipstick.
It prevents lipstick from bleeding on the natural lip line and makes the lips clearer.
It is important to choose lipstick.
You want a color that compliments you, your skin color, your flowers and bridesmaids.
Apply lip stains first, which is really long lasting.
Then apply lipstick with a lip brush.
Apply a loose layer of powder on the lip brush and re-apply the lipstick.
To remove any fat from the tea, put your index finger into your mouth, and your lips surround it, and pull it out.
This removes the excess color.
Before buying, bring your own lip brush, apply it to the tester and try your lipstick.
Observe the hue in daylight and there will be no products that flash strongly.
If you like lip gloss then choose a transparent one on the night lipstick.
Even if you are a beginner, it is feasible to make up your own makeup, just need a little practice so that you can feel comfortable with the look and how long it takes, so that you don't rush and panic during the day.
At the end of the day, remember this is a special day for you and your groom, so relax and enjoy every minute of it.
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