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by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-22
weekend break in washington state offers an eclectic blend of experiencessign up / sign insign in to your accountsign in to your accountaccount deactivatedaccount reactivation failedaccount activatedemail verification requiredalmost done!almost done!verfi  -  can avocado be used as a facial mask
Boeing's factory tour in Mukilteo, the future of flight, is the only public tour of commercial aircraft components provided in North America.
Taking a break from Vancouver gray, we were looking for flights to different places at the last minute.
When our search results showed "nada", my travel partner and I drove to Washington state over the weekend.
It's also gray, but at least in different colors. (
They have fifty, obviously. )
Skip the better
We found some places we had never been --
Snohomish, mukito, and anakotz.
Not waiting in AmericaS.
Less than two hours later, we immerse ourselves in the new experience, enjoy the local culture, taste the scenery and warmth of Mexico, and at least taste the taste of Mexico.
Flight may not be involved, but there are many planes.
Visit the Boeing factory in Mukilteo, in I-
It was the first time for me.
The "Future of Flight" is the only public tour of the commercial jet assembly provided in North America.
Definitely not just one person thing, after 90
The minute trip is a highlight.
By volume, the facility is the largest building in the world (13.
3 million)
It is so big that Disneyland in California can accommodate it. With a 35-
Before perfecting the air circulation system, the ceiling is as high as one metre, and the rain cloud is formed inside.
The observation deck is close to the ceiling height and has a wide view --
At different stages of production, there are more than a dozen aircraft, cranes hanging on the ceiling, hundreds of workers, some manually welding parts in place, and others at the computer terminal Bank, or ride a bike from one end of the factory to the other.
The radio sound of our guide, relaxed humor and passion for aviation history make the tour rich and interesting.
And even Canada.
One of Boeing's earliest customers was Canada Post.
Also, during World War II, when the United States should not sell aircraft to allies, Boeing will leave the aircraft in the fields near the South Dakota/Manitoba border.
At night, the farmers dragged the plane into Canada by tractor.
In cafes and taverns, we found friendly locals always willing to share their culture with us.
Our first stop was Fred at Rivertown Alehouse in Snohomish, a riverside town in I-5.
"Wow, look at those bottles!
"When we sat down at the bar, I said.
The bartender gave us the lunch menu and the "catalogue" of the single malt Scotch whisky they provided "--
All 200 are one of the biggest choices in the country.
Every Scotch whisky is affectionately described by the region.
This is only described as the Ardbeg of burnt toffee tar, paraffin wax, spicy dried ginger and vanilla wood spices for him (
Half Men on weekends)drooling. The 15 year-
Old Dalmore had Chocolate Orange, Baixiang, perfume, fruit cake and sherry in his nose, almost killing me.
There are 34 bottles of beer, and the beer drinkers are not left behind.
With more driving coming, we insisted on the lunch menu but vowed to come back for their monthly whisky tasting, so it was recommended to book as it was popular.
At Brown Lantern Ale House in Anacortes, we met 12 Seattle Seahawks players Fan and joined to watch the Seahawks beat the New Orleans Saints in the NFL top eight
We shared a table with the locals and suggested a draft of pearner for Georgetown beer in Seattle.
Even before he knew he had his name on the beer, the beer had been hit by the male half --"Roger's.
"Back to our hotel, Wild Bill Hickock greeted us as a magnificent hotel and spa with a long history.
Not an actor hired by the hotel, but an actor wearing 150-year-
Old styles all the time.
"Where did you get these clothes? " I asked.
"Re-online from clothing
Make suppliers, "he said.
Only his gun is missing. There is a non
Also try alcoholic drinks.
Located in the town of Lanley on whitbay island, there is a group of cafes within a block.
We chose a coffee that seemed to be popular with the locals. it was useless Bay coffee.
In an old, funky room.
We loved the old-fashioned vinyl booth and the tin ceiling with the stamp, as the owner explained how they customized the organic coffee mixture.
What's better than coffee is Frida cuisine Mexican hot chocolate from Anacortes
Rich Dark melted chocolate with a hint of cinnamon and their secret spices.
Named after Artist Frida kalo, Frida's offers exquisite-
Mexican style restaurant.
For a more casual atmosphere, but still in a lovely room, eat at a table in the bar at the back of the restaurant.
His main course, "Maria Izquierdo", is a chicken breast filled with poblano peppers, onions and Monterey cheese in creamy poblano sauce, with a delicate taste and a hint
One meal of my "pastor persacardo Taco-
Cod-sized appetizers marinated in achiote sauce, served with tortillas, avocado and grilled pineapple, with vinegar restored and absolutely delicious.
There is no fried bean in front of you!
Their final margar tower was made of Anejo tequila and orange juice, with crushed ice instead of mixed and very, very smooth.
Things are not over in Mexico, and our last stop is Costco in Burlington.
5 liters of Jose Cuervo Gold tequila per bottle for half the price in Vancouver.
As we all know, drinking a few shots of tequila can change my gray. Salud!
Hilton Garden Inn in Mukilteo is adjacent to Penn Field Airport and future Flight Aviation Center and Boeing tours.
The Majestic Inn and Spa in Anacortes is across the street from Brown lantern beer house and Frida restaurant.
The Future of Flight Aviation centers and Boeing tours: 9 points per daym. to 3 p. m.
Except for certain holidays. futureofflight.
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