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Weird Animals – the Blue Jeans Poison Dart Frog - miley cyrus skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-29
Weird Animals – the Blue Jeans Poison Dart Frog  -  miley cyrus skin care products
Have you ever heard of blue jeans poison Dart frog?
Blue jeans! You need proof? Read on.
If possible, you can go to comigotan in the sea of Como. Oops, sorry.
Please contact me as soon as possible.
Your friend, Levi's, blue jeans, poison frog. .
But I have never seen a blue jeans poison Dart frog named Levi (Tom or Dick.
He was smart and used email but used the BCC option in error and sent the email to himself.
So I got my email and didn't have an address for Sendall.
Attach a photo of the bright red color
Orange frog with dark blue limbs.
At her famous MTV music awards dance) gyrations. as excited.
I installed my technically advanced brainwave device again and contacted Levi very naturally. Hola!
Is this the blue jeans of Levi, the poison frog? , speaking!
Is this Derby?
Drbj of Levi's, Levi's.
Are you really called the Blue Jeans poison Dart frog? pumilio.
However, the frog collector called us "Blue Jeans poison Dart frog ".
Because your limbs are colored from dark blue to purple, part of your name is properly accurate.
You are like a bright red frog in dark blue jeans.
Where do you live in the world?
Why are neon lights brilliant-red coloring?
What does "poison dart" in your name represent?
How did you know the name?
I will explain it all.
Continue, interview me.
If you are traveling, you can see blue jeans poison Dart frog up close at tooguero National Park and Mount Arenal National Park.
Okay, Levi, where do you live?
Poisonous Dart frogs can be found in the rainforest of Central and South America.
My family lives in the low rain forest on the east coast of gorrica.
I also have cousins in Nicaragua.
Although we are small, we are in the daytime.
So if you look closely, you can see us on the ground of the rainforest during the day.
Or you can find us in the lower places.
There are no more than 3 feet branches lying on the ground.
We keep buzzing so you can hear us as well.
How small are you?
Adult BJPD frogs like me are nearly 1 inch long.
As we approach our prey, we move with the action of the jerky and the small jump as if we were dancing to salsa music. âx80x93 Your prey?
We are carnivores, and we have to hunt and kill ants, mites, termite, centipede (yum!
) And the little spider we ate.
We found them on the forest with our wonderful eyes.
Then we catch them with a long sticky tongue.
Like amarillos, Texas.
I think you mean ar fish. âx80x93 Whatever!
I have never seen a colored frog like you.
The frogs in the woods and streams around my neck are dim gray/brown or monotonous green.
Your photo shows a brilliant neon lightlike red-
You have orange on your head and back.
This is the most common color for those of us who live in elder Rica.
There are more than 100 different kinds of poisonous dart frogs with up to 30 different colorful combinations.
Our cousin, the strawberry poison Frogs frog, has the same brilliant red color --
No Orange color for jeans.
Do you know why we are decorated in such bright colors?
Mother Nature? âx80x93 Capricious? ($5) word.
Our bright colors are a warning to potential predators, and we are toxic.
"Poison Dart" and "poison Dart" named after you "?
We carry small air guns and use them to fire toxic darts at our enemies. Very funny! Gracias!
All the toxic dart frogs have strong skin toxins.
If an animal bites us, we instinctively release toxins from the poison glands around the back and ears.
Our beautiful colors often attract spiders.
But if they bite us, they die and turn into dinner.
If a larger animal bites us, our skin toxin will have a bitter, spicy taste that can cause vomiting.
So any animal that bites us will rush us out of our mouth at once.
Are you killing humans?
The good news is, no!
But you may want to wash your hands after you 've done any poisonous dart frogs. âx80¦ which is?
Grab your frog!
We don't hold your horse, we say that! (chuckles).
I will explain it later.
In the meantime, can you please tell me why you are called a poison Dart frog?
I thought you wouldn't ask.
We got this unfortunate call because members of the American Indian tribe habitually used the dart frog toxin to poison their blow arrows and arrows while hunting.
This toxin is very powerful, it can stop the nerve from transmitting impulses, thus losing the ability of prey and causing heart failure.
But I thought you said the blue jeans poison dart frog did not kill human beings.
A nerve poison that is more toxic than Curry. (toxin).
The toxin does not stop the nervous system immediately.
First of all, it makes the contraction of the heart muscles stronger.
Scientists believe the toxin may be used as a heart stimulant after a heart attack.
According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the poisonous dart frog provides more than 300 bioalkali components similar to cocaine and morphine.
Some drugs based on the production of batrachotoxin have been used as an anesthetic for surgery. Es verdad. Thatâx80x99s true.
(Terrible) exceptions I mentioned. adult humans.
Is the golden poison Dart frog much bigger than you?
Almost twice as long as 2 inch.
It lives in a small rainforest area on the western slope of the Andes in Colombia, South America, but it only puts its own poison
Not a defense mechanism for killing prey.
Because its habitat is limited to such a small area, it is listed as an endangered species.
Is this frog endangered because of the agricultural development in the place where it lives?
This is a claim because growing illegal crops is one of the biggest threats to its survival and to the international trade of frogs as pets.
Is it dangerous to treat golden poison Dart frog as a pet?
If you have any wounds on your hands, it is not wise to deal with them.
But they are as smart as I am and can recognize their human caregivers in just a few weeks.
For example, the change in their diet-crispy crickets, not their usual local ants-caused them to lose most of their toxicity while in captivity.
You might want to know what makes ants so toxic.
You eat it!
Scientists believe that the concentration of bioalkaline substances in ants comes from native plants they eat.
Tell me more about the unique behavior of blue jeans poison Dart frog.
Do you know I'm a wrestling champion?
Actually, Levi, I never thought of this idea.
The frogs in our Beijing police station are very territorial.
If an intruder breaks into our territory, we will launch a 20-minute wrestling match.
You 'd love to see both of us.
The male frog standing on our hind legs and chestto-
Chest, trying to nail each other together.
Maybe I can get WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) interested in sponsoring a game or two.
Do winners eat losers?
Of course not.
What do you think we are? Animals? .
The loser is a shame.
Is your mating habits creative as well?
In order to attract partners, we men speak out by singing loudly.
Indian love phone.
Work for me every time.
The couple, who love each other, found a safe place where there were wet fallen leaves and during the mating process they were back-to-back and could last for 10 minutes to 3 hours.
Endurance is our middle name.
The woman wraps three to five eggs in a plastic substance, and she can spawn one each week, and the man fertilizes them.
Is the baby mother with eggs?
No, she went to lunch with the girls and the male came back every day to moisturize the eggs to prevent them from drying.
I know I would be sorry if I asked him, but how does he keep the eggs moist?
Did he water them?
I think you can say that. . .
He urinated on it.
How long will the female frog come back?
After the incubation period is usually seven days, the eggs are hatched into tadpole, and the mother is back.
Now it's her turn to give the child to her mother.
She sat patiently among her offspring, waiting for the little tadpole to twist on her back.
She took them one by one to a separate gap between plants or stems that hold water.
She prefers pineapple plants.
How can she choose the most suitable plant for each tadpole?
This is a good question and it is amazing.
When mother frog approaches an ideal plant, the tadpole chooses the position it wants by vibrating itself.
This is amazing.
This is supernatural.
Like this interview.
What do you eat?
The mother sends unfertilized eggs to each tadpole every few days until they complete the metamorphosis from the tadpole to the frog.
The process takes ten months.
Then they're on their own.
Thank you, Levi. this incredible story.
I have to ask how your name came from? âx80x93 Simple.
My mom named all of us after the manufacturer of blue jeans: Me and my brothers and sisters are Wrangler, Lee, Pointer and real religion.
If she produced a clutch of six, there would also be a Gucci.
It makes sense to me. (take care). -
See you when I see you.
--©Dr. BJ Rakow. D. 2013.
All rights reserved.
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