what are all the different types of facial masks interesting several for masquerade

what are all the different types of facial masks interesting several  for masquerade
People know that the masquerade is used to define people who are trying to hide their identity or secrets.The masquerade mask dates back to the 12 th century.It is used to hide a person's identity in the Venice Carnival.Most of the time, rich people in society will have an impact on socializing with ordinary people, but when they wear this mask, they will have more freedom.The Venetian masked dance is a lavish, elaborate, upper class party.By the seventh century, the masks had been introduced to Europe, Britain and the United States.With the decline of the Republic of Venice, the activities of the wealthy society also stopped using masks.The police did not like this, and many rich people opposed wearing these clothes because they did not like the fact that different social classes were mixed together.In addition, people wearing masks may have affairs or conduct many financial transactions because no one will know or doubt what is going on and no one will doubt who is going to happen.The main types of these masks include stick masks, head, full face and half face.Both men and women wear these designs and also make the theme of what they want to be similar or become.There are so many designs to choose from, and with the popularity of masks, the quality of the works of art put into it has also become higher and higher.There are four kinds of design: full face, head, half face and stick.The full face design covers the whole face and it is difficult for operators to play a role.Cut two holes for the eyes, but only some are the mouth.People who don't have a hole in the mouth will make the people behind the mask sound low, if you don't remove the entire mask, the user can't eat and drink.The full face design covers the whole face.It dug two holes for the eyes and sometimes a hole for the mouth.The identity of this person is a complete mystery to this type.People who don't have mouth holes are not practical, people have low voices, and they can't eat or drink without removing the entire mask.The stick style is informal and is not used for occasions where identity needs to be hidden.The downside of this design is that it requires a hand to stick the mask on your face.If it can be removed quickly and easily, these additional allowances will be canceled.Also, because the mask can be removed easily, it becomes easier to eat and drink.Half Face is designed to cover only the upper half of the face.Some only cover the temples and eyes.Identity is not always able to be hidden with these because it covers only a few faces.However, this design is the most practical, and people wearing it can talk or drink and eat easily.Disguise means disguise yourself, or look like another person, creature, or something.It also represents mystery and intrigue.These masks are popular again today.Some retailers sell old-fashioned masks but are more popular with modern cheap ones.The biggest place to find today is the carnival in New Orleans, a celebration.They can buy in retail stores or online websites and professional clothing stores.If you want to enjoy a great history, buying a mask will take you back to the time of celebration.
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