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what are the best products for facial rejuvenation? by ... - must have skin care products 2018

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-18
what are the best products for facial rejuvenation? by ...  -  must have skin care products 2018
You may not agree with me, but listen to me.
Facial Rejuvenation is not a cosmetic effect.
This is a treatment for signs of aging.
This is achieved through the treatment and repair of skin cells that have lost their health function.
The first reason you are disappointed with most skin care products is because their large amount of synthetic chemistry makes it impossible for your skin cells to get the nutrients and stimuli they need to work as designed: keep your skin soft, firm, moist and bright.
Normal skin cells produce three very important substances to keep your face healthy, young and beautiful.
I'm sure you 've heard of collagen, elastic protein.
The third substance, hyaluronic acid (also known as the "youth molecule") is becoming a hot topic for many health and skin care conversations.
Your body produces these proteins and enzymes to protect your skin from repeated exposure to sunlight, bad diet and harmful environmental toxins.
Over time, this damage accumulates to the extent that the production of these substances cannot continue.
This is the time for you to start noticing your facial rejuvenation needs.
Fortunately, this can be reversed.
To get your skin cells back to work, they must be filled with stimulating nutrients that can penetrate into the cells.
Synthetic chemicals like mineral oil, dxoxanes, alcohol, and spices do not have the molecular composition required for deep cell penetration.
Vitamins, enzymes and other plants.
Basic nutrients have the molecular compatibility required to reach the internal work of skin cells.
This is why natural ingredients such as avocado and macadamia nut oil, vitamin E, Co Enzmye Q10, Japanese kelp, manuka honey and Barbasso have been clinically proven to be soothing and therapeutic, repair and enhance real facial rejuvenation.
Using high concentrations of products containing these natural substances, as well as a healthy diet, increasing drinking water and reducing sunlight, is a powerful combination that many women use to achieve dramatic anti-aging effects.
You can do it if they can.
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