what does an avocado facial mask do adding clay to soap - selfgrowth.com

what does an avocado facial mask do adding clay to soap - selfgrowth.com
Clay has been considered a therapeutic agent for thousands of years.Before we discuss the wonderful benefits of clay for soap and cosmetics for the skin, let's take a look at the fascinating facts of clay and its use.Do you know of edible clay?Since clay is rich in minerals, by eating it, it increases the level of minerals in the body, causing toxins to be more soluble and easier to discharge from the body.Another use of clay is "clay Bath ".Interestingly, of all the technologies we developed in the last century, we are still turning to Mother Earth for health treatment.Mud bath can effectively detoxify.It cleans the skin thoroughly and deeply, breathing organs.When using clay in the production of soap and cosmetics, it is always added as a cleaner to effectively clean and nourish the skin.
French Green mud comes from French quarries.When used for soap making, it is added as a natural pigment.French Green Clay has a high absorption capacity.Its molecular structure enables it to absorb oil, dirt and toxins from the skin.It balances oily skin to normal pH.Can be used daily in local acne spots and facial masks.When added to the hair product, oily hair may benefit from the use of this clay.
Bentonite clay is derived from volcanic ash deposits in the United States.It is called soft, moisturizing clay.When this clay mask is applied to the skin, it attracts and absorbs the oil, making the skin pure and energetic.It is also used as a mineral supplement when taken orally (by diet.
The white clay is the softest and delicate clay.When it is added to the mask, it can play the role of exfoliating and help to promote blood circulation.Because of its light quality and strong absorption, it is added to many cosmetics such as facial mask, deodorant, powder, soap, etc.
The Moroccan clay originated in Rhassul.Because of its rich minerals, it is added to hot springs around the world.It is well known that this clay can smooth, relax and rejuvenate the skin.
Because its natural properties are to extract oil from the skin, Fuller's clay works best as a cleanser for oily skin and acne.Another characteristic of this clay is its ability to dilute the skin and reduce it.It can be found in facial products and helps to achieve a consistent skin tone.

Rose and red clay are added to the mask and soap.They work well as exfoliating the face and body.
Clay, is a natural resource that can be used to mine or pick from the Earth, and when it is added to soap and cosmetics, is of great benefit to us.Rich in minerals, absorb grease from the skin, rejuvenate the skin and purify the skin.Clay can also be used as a natural pigment for soap.When adding clay to soap, clay is a great choice for exfoliating.Some clay has the properties of extracting oil from the skin and normalizing it horizontally.Some "drink" oil, soak and take it out.Other types of clay contribute to normal, dry and sensitive skin.The clay cleans the skin, promotes blood circulation, and makes the skin full of vitality.Clay is easily incorporated into the soap making process and can be used in the most common soap making techniques (melting and pouring as well as cold processes ).In the process of melting and pouring, it should be added after the glycerin base is melted.It is added to a little bit of melted glycerin soap base, mixed and then added the mixture to the mass soap.In the cold process, soap should be added before pouring the soap into the mold.Doing so ensures that the clay does not sink into the bottom of the soap.Clay is a cheap multi-functional substance that can contribute a lot to our well-being when added to a personal hygiene product.
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