what does an oxygen facial mask do put on your mask first - selfgrowth.com

what does an oxygen facial mask do put on your mask first - selfgrowth.com
If you fly frequently, you will recognize the following points...If the cabin pressure drops, the oxygen mask drops in front of you.To start the flow of oxygen, pull the mask towards you.Place it firmly on the nose and mouth, fix the elastic band to the back of the head, and then breathe normally.Although the bag is not inflated, oxygen flows to the mask.If you are traveling with a child or someone in need, first put on a mask and then help another person.Wear the mask before the uniform crew recommends you take off the mask.I 've been flying more than 2 million miles, so I 've heard this many times-often this way, it rarely even registers with me.Two things are completely correct about this announcement :-This situation definitely needs my attention if the oxygen mask appears in front of me.
-If I travel with others in this emergency, the best way I can help them is to put on a mask first so I can help.Let's think about leadership.-Challenges and problems always happen in our business and team-they definitely need our attention.
-Since I am leading this team, the best way to help the team cope with the challenges they face is to take care of myself first so that I can take care of them best.I hope you can see the direct parallel here-you have to put the mask on first as a leader.Just as Oprah makes a living by reminding viewers, it's not selfish to take care of your needs-you can't help others if you're not healthy.It's just another way to say you have to put on the mask first.While some leaders are selfish and focus only on their needs, purpose and power, I know you are not reading this article.If you work as hard as many people to be a servant leader, you may think that you have to be a nurturing person for others and help others succeed selflessly.It's a good goal, but we can't get below it.compensate.To lead effectively, to lead successfully, to lead for a long time, yes, to lead selflessly, we still have to put on the mask first.Here are some ways to do this.Close your door.You have (important) work to do to support the organization.Yes, you need to answer questions and help your team, but you also have work to do.You have to close sometimes.(I wrote it more fully here.Find your own coach/mentor.You serve your team members as top performance requires guidance, perspective, support, correction, and encouragement.This is the same for you and your team.In fact, when you accept a coach, you will become a better coach yourself.Whether a coach is your boss, a colleague, a companion, or an external resource, you need a coach.Invest in you.Leaders Look for training and learning opportunities for their team, but you also need to develop.Don't delay those opportunities for yourself.Getting what you need to learn is an important way to put on a mask first.Take advantage of your holiday.Some of you (you know who I'm talking to) will not be on vacation or will never really disconnect when you are on vacation.Need to disconnect, recharge, refresh.Doing so will make you stronger, healthier and fresher.It also gives you the perspective your team needs to have.The list is long and your best answer will come from your own reflection and introspection.Think about what you need, what your team needs, and what you are constantly delaying.At the intersection of these lists, you may find your mask moments.
….Special thanks to Maria Fulan for mentioning this metaphor to me at a workshop a few weeks ago.Her comments made me think of the idea, so the article doesn't exist without her.Thanks Maria!
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