what does an oxygen facial mask do put on your oxygen mask first: self-care for the caregiver

what does an oxygen facial mask do put on your oxygen mask first: self-care for the caregiver
Did you hear the flight attendant asking you to wear an oxygen mask first on the plane?The immediate response was, "impossible, I need to take care of my children (husband, mother, best friend, Stranger in the seat next to me )...).This idea is inconsistent with our instincts.What exactly does it mean?In short: if you don't wear a mask first, you won't be there when someone else needs you.You will lose consciousness.The same is true for nursing staff.Our natural tendency is to do it for others, because we are loving, educated, responsible, supportive and capable people.However, just like the oxygen mask, we need to take care of ourselves so that we can effectively take care of the people we love.So, what is holding back the concern for yourself?The most common obstacle is that if we do it for ourselves, we think we are selfish.Selfishness is a lack of consideration for others or attention to one's own happiness or interests.This is not the one who cares about himself.Take care of yourself is selfcare.It is the maintenance of personal health, or the recovery and maintenance of physical and mental health.Self-Care is to exercise, have a healthy diet, have a proper rest, have a support system and take the time to relax.When we practice ourselves, we apply the same skills and features as taking care of ourselves.care.Why is it so important?Burn-In fact, if we ignore ourselves, depression, loneliness and physical illness are just a few outcomes that can happencare.A good analogy is that if we ignore our car for a period of time, do not change the oil, clean the oil, rotate the tires, maintain the belt, etc.Our car won't run very well, it will be bad in the end.The same is true for nursing staff.Self-Care is an oxygen mask for the caregiver.This is an opportunity to breathe a new life.The question is, what is your oxygen mask and where does it start?
The answer is different for each of us.However, the key to the beginning is the baby steps.Start small with 10-15-Increment and accumulation of minutes.Here are some examples: take a shower and turn on your favorite music.Listening to your favorite concert gives you a spiritual rest and ascension.Pet your dog or cat.The connection between human beings and life is crucial.Touching an animal will help you to feel love naturally and soothe your soul.• Go outside.Walk or sit in the fresh air.A 5-10 minutes walk outside to be active, exercise to stay healthy and help recharge our batteries.Sit in the fresh air and take a deep breath and you will find that your well will change immediatelybeing.• Eat the pie.Enjoy the last piece of pie or make a favorite meal.Being kind to yourself will make you feel special.• Laugh.There is nothing faster or more reliable than a good laugh to get your body and mind back to balance.Humor will ease your burden, inspire your hopes, connect you with others, and keep you down-to-earth, focused and alert.Laughter can also relax the whole body and enhance the immune system.So read the comics, watch interesting shows, or share jokes or funny stories.Put on the mask first!It's not selfish.This is practicing yourself.Pay attention to keeping your mind, body and soul.
This is the most valuable gift you can give yourself and those who depend on you.What is your oxygen mask?
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