what does an oxygen facial mask do put your oxygen mask on first! - selfgrowth.com

what does an oxygen facial mask do put your oxygen mask on first! - selfgrowth.com
Many of us are running around at the fastest speed, trying to do so many times.It seems that there are quite a few expectations and quite a few triggers in every corner.However, our bodies may not know that the small crisis will soon pass.Our bodies have been hit.It's the neck for me.I know I feel extra pressure when my shoulder seems to reach my earlobe.Sometimes it is a chore to breathe well.My eyes are tired due to lack of good sleep.But like a lot of people, I keep pace all the time.Keep trying to get it all done.It's not a good way to be in this world, is it?I have been focusing on myself for the past few yearsCare.Specifically, I have been focusing on myself.But most of us find ourselves looking after ourselves.Be careful at some point.We need it because it is almost impossible to receive and give pleasure without it.How can empty containers pour more?How can a car on "empty" make it work, go to school, have a family party (though not making it feel like it's the best)This is another blog!In fact, as the flight attendant told us, we had to "put on our own oxygen mask first "."There are a lot of websites that can give you ideas about yourselfCare.The most important thing is to realize that we are valuable and worth having ourselves.Caring, we can put ourselves first, have time every day to do at least one thing to take care of ourselves, this is the best gift we can give our family.If you have children or children around you, know that they are the best to learn by observing you.As parents, teachers and caring adults, we spend a lot of time telling the children what to do.But as a parent and school psychologist, I can assure you that the children learn by example.I met many parents in my school work.Even if they don't look like their children, I can pick them out with great certainty.Habitism and the way we speak provide us with great clues, but it is also this mentality and habit that reveals the impact of adults on children.So, what young people are learning about themselves in your life?Care?We are afraid that we will take time away from those who need us, but our children need our role models.Think about it. you might hear a child say something bad to himself, like, "I'm too stupid!"It hurts to hear it!But did they hear it in the way we talked about it or in the way we were about ourselves?If we see a child beating himself because he is not happy, we want to stop it.But do they see that we hurt ourselves to some extent?It's time to consider the best gift for your family and friends.Show them how much you care about them by taking care of yourself.And you can teach them yourself.care, as well.Get ideas-create coupons, hold self-help activitiesOrganize activities and create new traditions.Your family and friends will benefit as much as you do.Basic and fast selfNursing Practices: 1.Sports-go outside if possible.Vitamin D from the sun is critical to our system.There is no home gym if you can't go out-dance!Find free videos on your phone or laptop.There are a lot of quick motion or dance videos that can make your blood flow and your heart beat faster.
2.Drink plenty of water every day.Limit or eliminate caffeine.Limit or eliminate alcohol.Limit or eliminate sugary drinks.Drink enough water every day.It's simple, but many of us forget to do it.
3.Sleep-this cannot be exaggerated as the nature of the selfCare.The rooms are quiet, dark and cool.
4.HUGS!-Hug your family and friends (get their permission) for your health ).When you are in contact with others, your body produces hormones.The act of compassion and caring can also produce healthy hormones.With children, a healthy hug (if allowed) is essential for growth.
5.Massage-if you can't afford a good massage, this is another way to give a loved one a touch of love and be rewarded.Neck, shoulders, feet and hands are all great places for a quick massage.
6.Sugar Scrub and moisturizing-you can buy a good body scrub or do it yourself.Add essential oils to enhance the experience.Scrub hands, feet and elbows.Be sure to moisturize after scrubbing, bathing, or showering.Our skin is the biggest organ of our body!Caring for your skin can improve wellExist in a variety of ways
7.Gratitude-a practice of gratitude.This is a great practice for families.We focus on persistence.Why not pay attention to what is right in the world, what is effective, and what brings happiness to us?
8.Journaling -Diary is a good way to get ideas from our minds.If you have trouble sleeping, try to write down your worries and anxieties before going to bed.
9.I like technology.I don't believe it's an enemy, but I know it will be an addiction as well.Whenever we play video games, play games on our phones, or roll on social media, we seek the brain to be hit by dopamine.Limit your intake.Set a timer.
10.Brain food-of course, eat well, but also consider what you feed your brain with what you consume with your ears and eyes.As a news fan, I have to limit my daily consumption and rest regularly.When I actively put good things in my head-music, audiobooks, reading, art-my stress levels drop.Self Care Self-Assessment: Take a deep breath and think about how you feel inside.Score yourself in the range of 0-1 0 about the extent to which you practice self-care in general, 0 is "not at all" and 10 is "I practice self-care"care daily”.For most of us, we may care about ourselves at the right time-sometimes good and sometimes not very concerned.If you can make a change in your life, put yourself first and take care of yourself on a consistent basis, what will this action be?Usually, the best way to make a change is to start small, but focus on consistency.Over time, minor changes that continue to take place tend to produce lasting results.Are you ready to make a commitment?To take better care of yourself, what small changes can you make next week?"This week I will get more information or support if you want more information or supportPlease give priority to my website at www.christyyates.com.
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