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what food chemicals to you "try" to stay away from ... - whole foods skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-16
what food chemicals to you \
I think I need a 12 step plan for addiction to the whole food market.
It is mainly too lazy to cook.
But once you start to taste food that has few chemicals and additives, it's hard to go back.
One thing I'm trying to do is avoid foods that contain more than 5 to 6 chemicals, especially if I can't pronounce them.
The next thing is to avoid high fructose corn syrup or any of its sweeteners.
I will try to eat only sugar, agave and honey if I eat junk food.
Or there are very few chemicals like cornflakes.
Unless fried with pure olive oil or other healthy oils, be sure to stay away from fried foods.
Whether healthy or not, I try to stay away from anything that simply lists a portion of the ingredients as "spice.
For me they try to slip something there and I need to know what it is.
Of course, MSG and all its cousins pick up a Doritos package to see.
I 've seen what the beef oil looks like in the fridge, so I "try" to keep it to a minimum if possible.
Surprisingly, the fat and grease of the water beef is much lower than that of the beef, even the peeled chicken.
Try to stay away from sweeteners such as ASBA sweet, sugar essence, chlorine sugar and Ansai honey.
If you believe what they say, do it, not me.
Bread, Jesus Christ, is one of the biggest obstacles.
It is wrapped in weight and is not conducive to the smooth function of the intestines.
If you have read the ingredients for some of these breads, Jesus, you will stay away, especially from simple sandwiches or breads from fast food chains.
It says the declaration of independence, the type of dough conditioner and stabilizer.
"Propylene glycol" in food "?
Hey man, this is what's on my face after I shave, this is what's in the main cylinder when I brake.
Now, I only use simple oils derived from plants and soap without chemicals.
After shaving, use some pure eucalyptus oil with no chemicals.
Everyone, stay away from cancer and other strange diseases.
There is only spring water and spring water, there is no substitute.
For tooth and gum cleaning, use simple and/or combined things like salt, water, hydrogen peroxide, charcoal, baking soda or peelu.
Don't give up the hype of fluorine unless you want.
Before taking the medicine route, I always look for the way of nature or the way of discharging nature.
Some of these chemicals are cancer, waiting to happen, and if I can do something to avoid a doctor, it's an attempt on counter medication and medication.
So far it works.
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