what is a cosmeceutical skin care product Bellatorra's 48 Hour Magic for Healthy and Glowing Skin

what is a cosmeceutical skin care product Bellatorra\'s 48 Hour Magic for Healthy and Glowing Skin
Driven by a passion for skin health, Bellatorra brings you 7 products with a nutritious formula for damaged skin.Bellasph, the main complex of each product, ensures hydration, detoxification and regeneration of the skin.Following a 2-Stage cycle, Bellatorra's 48-hour magic of healthy and glowing skin can prevent premature aging, and its main effect can be seen within 48 hours of application.
Delicious with organic aloe leaf juice, the resistance of BellatorraAging Eye cream helps detoxify the skin and promote collagen.Its unique formula makes it the best resistantAging Eye Cream for dark circles and eye bags-It can contract, lift and tighten the skin, repair the tissue, reduce edema, fine lines and inflammation, and heal delicate eyes.
Gently apply the cream around the eye with slow and delicate movements.
About the anti-Bella Torah
The stem cell formula in this cell renewal moisturizer is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.It improves uneven skin tone, moisturizes the skin, prevents environmental damage and the formation of melanin, improves the natural repair ability of the skin, and helps the skin to detoxify and replenish water.
Wash your face and neck.Dry and apply moisturizer to your body.Avoid the followingeye area.

Cell Renewal Cream is suitable for normal to dry skin to prevent discoloration and uneven pigmentation of the skin.Its formula helps to increase the vitality of the dermal skin cells, moisturize the skin deeply, and encourage the skin to be full.Reduce fine lines, promote cell regeneration and stimulate collagen.
Wash your face and neck.Dry and apply moisturizer to your body.Avoid the followingeye area.

This fruity Cell Renewal Mask contains orange, lemon, pineapple, and papaya extracts that eliminate bacteria and remove dead skin cells.It contains a mineral complex that can reduce wrinkles, detoxify the skin, clean pores and correct pigmentation, while vitamin C and D replenish the skin as antioxidants.
Apply the mask to your face.After a minute, gently massage the skin until the mask is absorbed.Wash your face and dry it.For glowing skin, use twice a week.

Cell Renewal Serum for radiant skin is a unique formula that contains the extract of muhibiscus, which helps to improve the texture and density of the skin.It stimulates cell renewal in tight skin, while Apple, watermelon and lentils extract can help replenish the skin naturally.This product contains amino glucose, peas and bamboo silica that helps with collagen production, while other chemicals help to repair damaged skin.
Cell update serum was applied before cell update complex was applied.

Rich in lemon and orange extract, this gentle horny cleanser helps detoxify and soothe the skin.It contains lactic acid that moisturizes the skin and witch hazel, which can help reduce pores.It also contains chemicals that contribute to the vitality of the skin cells and improve the skin, and is guaranteed to be one of the best makeup remover.
Wash the face.Apply the product to the skin and massage gently with circular motion.Rinse and dry.

Finally!Bellatorra brings you the best lifting cream to instantly lift your skin.The unique ingredients in this Botox replacement cream help lift and tighten the skin, tighten pores, reduce inflammation, moisturize the skin, promote cell regeneration, and reduce wrinkles.
Rinse the face, pat dry, and apply the cell renewal complex throughout the body.Keep the upward mist about 6 inch from the face and spray around with your eyes closed.

Based on nanotechnology, Bellatorra products are manufactured by efficient scientists and chemists with highEffective supplements and unique ingredients that protect the skin from environmental damage.With a client-Bellatorra's friendly goal is to provide a final solution for skin care and to comply with its declaration of perfect skin and timing, which is undoubtedly a force to consider.
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