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The full range of Dermalogica skincare products is created on the assumption that everyone is different and has their own specific needs.What may work for one person may not be a solution to the next problem.This personalized approach is designed to help all people who use these products get great results regardless of their skin type.
Professionals turn to and recommend Dermalogica products to customers.The Dermalogica foundation and all other products in their range can meet the needs of all skin, whether normal, dry, oily or sensitive.Each skin care product in this series contains only the best ingredients that have been shown to treat different skin types.
None of these products contain a closed oil or wool, and none contain a synthetic spice or pigment that stimulates the skin.People in Dermalogica take their products seriously, not only are they made of natural ingredients, but all their products are developed without any animal testing.Each product is packed in a recyclable container.
The international Skin Institute is a graduate training institution for professionals in the field of skin care.In 1986, the institute decided to take some measures against the apparent lack of results in skincare products on the market.Skin care professionals were shocked to learn that Dermalogica refused to use synthetic materials of any color and fragrance because of the low cost, which most people in the market did.
The creators of Dermalogica know that these synthetic ingredients, while cheap to use, cause serious skin problems.They also go further and require all skin care professionals who deal with the product to be trained at a high level, to ensure consumers get accurate and reliable consultation on the skin these issues are not the victims of hype and fashion that dominate the skin care industry.The Dermalogica ace color is produced without the use of unnatural dyes.
All Dermalogica products are made in the United States and will only be sold if professional skin therapists conduct professional consultation and treatment.In just over two decades, dermalogica has quickly become the world's top choice for professionals who are more often recommended than other products on the market
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