what is a cosmeceutical skin care product How to Choose Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

what is a cosmeceutical skin care product How to Choose Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin
It's hard to find the bestMoisturizing cream suitable for sensitive skin.The information here gives you insights on how to choose a particular moisturizer.
Most of us have tried different skin care products to have clean and shiny skin.However, some products actually benefit by restoring our skin, while others are a complete waste of money.
In order to have a glowing skin, the most important and common factor that most of us ignore is to understand our skin type.Since different skin types have different requirements, no product should be used without knowing why it is designed for skin types.
Moisturizers can prevent and treat dry skin and improve skin tone, texture and mask defects.But for delicate or delicate skin, it can be difficult to find the ideal moisturizer, especially when there are many skin care products that claim to be formulated only for this type of skin, and it will still cause problems such as redness of the skin.

The role of the moisturizer is to replace natural skin oil, cover the tiny cracks on the skin, and leave a soothing protective film to improve the appearance and reduce dryness and aging.A good moisturizer can increase moisture content, minimize moisture loss, and re-establish the moisturizing capacity of the skin.

Moisturizer (urea, glycerin, α-oh acid, etc ).), Used to absorb moisture from the air and keep it in the skin.
Moisturizers (wool, mineral oil, Vaseline, etc ).), Used to fill the space between skin cells and replace the lipid, which helps smooth and lubricate the dry skin.
Aroma, providing a fresh and pleasant smell, covering up the smell of other ingredients.
Preservatives to prevent bacterial contamination after the product is opened.
These ingredients promote the production of collagen and elastic proteins (a set of natural proteins) in our body, reduce stretch marks, eliminate wrinkles, clear pores, and remove dead skin cells.
Sensitive skin is more prone to skin diseases such as allergies, redness, acne or rashes, people should look for moisturizers containing plantsBase oils like poached oil or avocado oil can effectively replenish the skin.The chemical composition of these oils is close to sebum (the type of oil produced by our body), so the possibility of any side effects is minimal.
Avoid the use of a moisturizer containing chemicals because it is harsh on the skin.Instead, choose a natural sensitive skin moisturizer with natural ingredients, such as nutone nut root.It protects the skin from strong UV rays and helps to reduce and eventually eliminate dirty pigmentation and spots, making the skin whiter and brighter.

Except to know which one is the best.A moisturizer for your skin type, it's just as important to know when and how to apply it.The best time to apply a moisturizer is after taking a shower.Just pat or apply the skin until the skin is barely dry and then apply a moisturizer to help keep the moisture in the cells on the surface.
In cold weather, you can also apply it before you take an outdoor adventure, especially on your hands, because they are more accessible to various chemicals than any other part of your body,Avoid using heavy creams on your face, especially if your skin is sensitive because you will experience extreme dryness.
If you feel some irritation, please consult your dermatologist as the skin surface is delicate and will immediately remind you if the product is not suitable.The doctor will make a personalized skin.Develop a care plan by evaluating your skin type, assessing your skin condition, and then recommending moisturizer that may be effective for your sensitive skin.
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