what is a cosmeceutical skin care product Natural Sponges Vs. Synthetic Sponges

what is a cosmeceutical skin care product Natural Sponges Vs. Synthetic Sponges
The advantages and disadvantages of natural sponge and synthetic sponge will be introduced in this paper.So let's discuss environmental issues, manufacturing processes, effectiveness, and other important issues related to these sponges.
Nowadays, there is much hype about organic and natural products for body care and home use.Many people are trying to turn to organic and natural products because they seem to be more eco-friendlyfriendly.
In addition, these products are called Safer use compared to chemical-based products.However, choosing a product for body care or home care can be quite challenging as there are many factors involved.People need to remember their health and ecological environment.The friendliness of the products they use and the effectiveness of the products.
This can be a bit complicated because people need to understand the manufacturing process of the product to determine the ecological environmentFriendly products.Understanding the ingredients present in the product also helps to understand whether the product is safe for daily use.One such product that is being discussed is sponge.The sponge I am talking about is cleaning and bathing the sponge.There are many kinds of sponges, mainly natural sponges and synthetic sponges.
Here are some reasons for approval and opposition, which will help you make serious choices for bathing and cleaning the sponge.
A synthetic cleaning sponge made of pulp is considered very eco-friendly.Thinking, why?This is due to the fact that no harmful by-products are produced during their manufacturing process, while the decoration is simply ground and recycled.Also, synthetic sponges are cheaper and easier to find.Another advantage of synthetic sponges compared to natural sponges is that they are easy to clean.You can simply soak in soapy water with some alcohol and then wash and dry in the microwave or in the sun.
There are all kinds of synthetic sponges.And some more.The type of synthetic sponge.Varieties with high water absorption and no water absorption.Each variety has its own benefits.Not absorbing water is good for scrubbing the body.After bathing, one can simply wash them with clear water and hang them up to dry.A sponge with a high degree of water absorption is good for wiping and cleaning windows, windowsills, cars and boats.Some of the properties of these highly absorbent sponges make them very popular for this purpose of cleaning.Clean synthetic sponges can be cut to any size you want, they are ideal for cleaning the textured surface with high absorption and easy to rinse.These sponges are uniform in texture and good in elasticity.
Synthetic sponges are usually made from cellulose wood fibers or foam plastic polymers.Many people think that wood logging is encouraged by making synthetic sponges from pulp.These sponges are not 100% natural, so they are very harsh on the skin.Especially sensitive skin, synthetic sponges are not recommended.
Some of the antibacterial synthetic sponges contain a chemical called triclosan.This chemical is an antibacterial substance used to synthesize sponges to prevent plague.This is to prevent the growth of many harmful microorganisms on the sponge.It is said that this chemical is harmful to health because it has a negative effect on the nervous system and hormones.If someone is allergic to this chemical or their skin is sensitive, then using it to scrub on their face or body can cause irritation and other health problems.A synthetic sponge is made of polyurethane foam.These sponges may be the best for cleaning, but they are not so eco-friendlyFriendly because their manufacturing process depends on hydrocarbons that are considered ozonedepleting.
The natural sponge is gentle and is a good way to remove skin horny.They are not as rough as synthetic sponges.Nevertheless, many synthetic loofah today are softer and softer on the skin.The natural sponge is divided into sponge and loofah. loofah is also called loofah sponge.Usually two types of sponges are harvested to make a exfoliating sponge, these are honeycomb and silky fina.Sponges are animals and are easy to harvest.The plant sponge, known as luffas, has a rough texture and helps polish the skin.They are also used to make a lot of loofah soap.
Many professionals believe that a natural sponge for cleaning is much better than a clean synthetic sponge.This is because they are strong and durable.These sponges are also more dense and easier to absorb.Many users say the sponge has a higher displacement and water absorption compared to synthetic sponges.This saves a lot of cleaning work because people don't have to clean the sponge easily.
Some biologists think sponges are under threat.Factors like global warming, chemicals discharged from the ocean, sewage discharge, and excessive dischargeThe harvest will lead to sponge extinction.Sponges are actually animals that grow by filtering out small creatures that exist in seawater.In addition, it may take many years to grow a sponge.
Some environmental activists believe that instead of using sponges for cleaning,Since the chemicals released by sponges can be used to develop new drugs, they should be protected.Sponges are also an important source of food for endangered hawbill turtles.If the number of sponges is reduced, the number of this prehistoric animal will be further affected.
Debate about natural spongesMany arguments revolve around synthetic sponges.Therefore, an easier way is to reduce the use of bath sponges as they may cause wear and tear on the skin.Also, if your skin is prone to acne, scrubbing your face with a sponge will only make acne worse.Many dermatologists advise people with dry skin not to take a bath with soap every day.Twice a day, only the underarm and genitals should be cleaned with mild soap, while the body can be cleaned with clear water.In terms of scrubbing the body, you can use some body scrubs made of coarse rice flour and yogurt.
People of normal skin types can simply use a bath sponge once or twice a week to exfoliate the dead skin and apply a moisturizer for better skin care.However, if you have to use a sponge, then just use the loofah sponge.Clean is natural and effective.In addition, it comes from the drying of the vines, so it is easy to obtain and seems to be the safest and most eco-friendly for the bodyfriendly.Regarding the purpose of sponge cleaning, one needs to experiment with two types of spongeNatural synthesis.This is because both sponges have their own properties, which makes them effective in cleaning.
Regardless of which bathing sponge you choose, if you feel that the sponge has been used for a few months or it seems that there is some growth every few months, replace it to avoid any skin infection.As for cleaning the sponge, it all depends on the individual's preference because one needs to find which one works best.
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