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You have to have the right air gun safety mask when playing with an air gun, because otherwise your facial features can be affected very badly.To protect your eyes, forehead, facial skin, cheeks, lips, chin, etc.You must wear this mask.Here you will get some idea of the best masks.
When the project is usually medium to long term, it is recommended to use the setting of the woodland type.This safety mask will provide the wearer with absolute comfort.It will help fill the gap between the mesh mask and the goggles, so it is one of the best air gun safety masks for outdoor missions.
Nuprol offers excellent products in this category, and Shemag can also try to get woodland settings.City, or you can say that the FIBUA settings can be used for outdoor and indoor air gun games.It provides excellent protection for the face, and the ventilation standard is definitely the highest.
This setting can be further connected with objects such as torch, laser light, transmitter, etc.The design is absolutely lightweight, and the accessories have unparalleled standards.Some of the popular brands that offer products in this setting are Nuprol, Dragon and Bolle etc.
The CQB settings are very lightweight in nature, and you can play airsoft guns with confidence with a mask like this.It will protect your face in an incredible way and you will love the comfort of this setting.It protects the chin and neck in a comprehensive way.
So if you're looking for a setting that can protect the lower face and ear area in an excellent way, then this mask is the best.Some of the best brands for this setup are Nuprol, 8 field, etc.This mask is for full facial coverage.This is very similar to the mask you see in the barracks and police forces.
This is a lightweight mask that provides great ventilation at any time.The design of the removable sunshades is the main highlight and also supports transparent ballistic lenses.It can easily adapt to different types of facial structures.
You can buy this safety mask for only $80
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