what is a facial mud mask How to Skin Care in The Summer And Some Tips to Glow Your Skin?

Summer brings a lot of trouble to the skin and body.Every day, our bodies react with heat and air pressure.Just like when mercury increases, it's good for our bodies in the intense sun.
Every time Mercury grows, our body is not suitable for it, and it is also necessary for us to provide the body with so much moisture during the day to meet the body's needs.If you don't do this, with the itching on the skin, the face on the neck will turn into a red mark, and our heartbeat will be faster.The lack of blood pressure also becomes unconscious in hot weather.
According to Ayurvedic, the heat is also known as the "bile disease" season.Many health problems are related to bile dysfunction.One study found that due to excessive acidity and indigestion, the pH value of the face was reduced, resulting in less allergies, sun tanning, and facial glow.
However, a lot of liquid, juice, easyto-Eating salads, high-fiber foods can restore lost light.Let's know how to keep our skin shine in summer1) Lemon-Lemon struggles with the problem of free radicals, which are rich in vitamin C.Eating it every day can help your skin become bright and healthy.
It also helps detox.
It has bleaching properties, so the color of the skin is light, but do not leave the house in the sun after applying lemon.It causes irritation.2) Aloe Vera-Taking Aloe Vera in the summer helps keep the body cold and make the skin feel cold.It can also kill many kinds of bacteria, fungi and viruses.
3) Yogurt-This dairy product is rich in calcium and magnesium.In addition to strengthening the bones, there is also the best expolator.Apply it in g flour like WhiteHelps eliminate suntan.
4) Neem leaves-Neem has anti-Anti-inflammatoryNot only is it good for your health, but it also eliminates many beauty-related issues.Neem contains vitamin C, which helps to remove skin-related issues such as blackheads, pigmentation, fatigue, and aging.The skin is on the skin.5) Oats flour-Oats are a healthy and nutritious food.
There are many good qualities that make your body healthy.inside.Oats flour is a good scrub for dry and rough skin.Basil-Loire leaf contains a large amount of potassium, magnesium and vitamin C, which helps to control blood pressure.
It contains a lot of antioxidants.
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