what is a facial mud mask Some Healthy Skin Care Tips For Summer Time

Summer has come and the weather is getting hotter and shorter with the passage of time.But why does bad weather affect our skin and health?In order to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays in the environment, it is absolutely necessary to use sunscreen every day.Sunscreen is basically a cream that reflects the harmful UV rays of the sun away from the skin, thus protecting the skin from harm.
They come in a variety of recipes such as cream, gel, lotion or spray to suit people's needs.The ultraviolet rays of the sun will affect our skin in many ways.There are two main types of UV Raya in the environment.
While most of us associate sunlight with the only problem with tanning, there are many more reasons to protect our skin from the sun besides fear of tanning.Ultraviolet rays can cause problems such as tanning, sunburn, irritation and pigmentation of the skin.This is not all yet, and UVA rays are the main cause of premature skin aging, light-sensitive reactions, and the main cause of skin cancer.
As we all know, ultraviolet rays will cause more damage to the skin surface skin layer, and ultraviolet rays will penetrate deep into the skin and cause more damage in the long run.Many sunscreens only protect the skin from UV rays and allow harmful UV rays to penetrate into the skin.To avoid this, wide spectrum sunscreen that reflects both light should be used.
Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to protect the skin from sunlight every day.Different brands offer different SPF in their products.SPF represents a sunscreen formula.At least SPF 15 is required to protect the skin from sunlight.
The most common SPF on the market is 15, 30 and 50.While it must be noted that although the digital gap between SPF 15 and 50 is large, the protection actually provided is only 10-20%.Nowadays, many cosmetics claim to provide sun protection.
Whether it's lip gloss or foundation, the beauty industry has developed many innovative formulas.But it should also be remembered that SPF present in cosmetics is not enough to protect the skin.It's great to have an extra protective layer, but they can't be used just for sun protection purposes.
As all brands claim to have developed anti-sweat, waterproof, friction-Resistant, LongDurable sunscreen, most sunscreen on 4-5 hours.So every 5-6 hours, especially if the skin is exposed to the sun for a long time on the day.Another misconception is that sunscreen should only be applied outdoors, which is wrong.
The skin needs sun protection every day, and even indoors, UV rays enter the room through windows and glasses.Regardless of the weather (sunny or cloudy), the season (summer, monsoon or winter) and the type of skin (dry, oily or sensitive, SPF should be used every day with so much innovation in the beauty field, new products come out every day, and all kinds of sunscreen on the market are not lacking.Cream-based, gel-Lotion, spray is just a different formula in which you can find your unused sunscreen.
In addition, there are non-This is an exciting sunscreen for people with oily and sensitive skin, as they claim not to clog pores.There is also a cream moisturizer with a sunscreen formula on the market, which is a disguised blessing for the dry beauty of the skin.Matte Gel Sunscreen is designed to make oily skin not have to look like a can of oil and sweat all day long.
It must also be remembered that not only does the face require sun protection, all exposed areas of the body, such as the neck, hands, legs, need to be protected because they will suffer the same damage as your face!So, go ahead and choose the right sunscreen for your skin and make sure it's safe, after all, it's your only sunscreen!
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