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While men may not use all supplements and potions made for facial skin and prefer a more rugged look, when it comes to their members, men when something seems to be offColor change in a man is one of the problems that often make a man notice his skin, which can lead to unnecessary panic.Most of the reason for the discoloring of men is caused by minor injuries, and the color will fade over time;There are several potential reasons for concern, though.Here are some of the most common causes of discoloration in men and how to manage them.
1) Bruising-One of the fastest ways to get discolored manhood is to get hurt.After the injury, from purple to blue, or even green, there will be bruises on all kinds of discoloration.If there is excessive pain after surgeryInjured, medical treatment immediately.
This may be a more serious problem like a fracture.Pigmentation after inflammation (PIH )-It is perfectly normal for men to have some changes in their skin color.However, it is understandable if a person notices that the skin is suddenly darkened, or darken in a very short period of time, he may be concerned.
Most of the time, it's just afterInflammatory pigmentation, which is just excessive production of melanin from the body's skin pigment maker.A wide variety of colors can appear on the skin, including blue, gray or dark brown.Overproduction usually occurs after a skin injury, most often due to strong coupling or self-friction resulting in excessive friction of Manhoodpleasure.
It fades over time, or if a man is troubled by it, local therapy with vitamin A before going to bed every night can speed up healing.3) Vitiligo-Vitiligo is known as "white skin spot disease", most famous by the late Michael Jackson.This skin disease is caused by the loss of melanin cells in the skin cells.
The most common condition of vitiligo is foreskin discoloration.It must be diagnosed by a doctor through a physical examination.It can be treated with drugs, creams, lasers and surgical techniques.
4) Hematoma-If a man sees a red, spotted skin or blood vessel under the surface of the skin, he may have a hematoma.This happened after an organ injury.The discoloration of masculinity will fade over time;However, medical care should be sought if he feels pain or discomfort.5) STIs-Sometimes purple sore on a member can be evidence of a partnerTransmission infectionSexually transmitted infections can be accompanied by other symptoms such as pain, fever, itching, Burns and fatigue.
Go to the medical clinic as soon as possible or see a doctor for testing and treatment.First of all, practice the manhood of safe contact, prevention and care of discoloration.Using barrier protection to prevent sexually transmitted infections, even if it destroys people's emotions, open conversations with partners about society and medical history.
Next, wear the appropriate protective gear in a group or adventure campaign, so that manhood will not be the unfortunate victim of the PorterBasketball game.In addition, be sure to monitor coupling and self-vitalityHappiness does not turn into pain.In addition to these tips, practice a good grooming instrument to maintain the best state of masculinity.
Clean thoroughly regularly with a gentle cleaner.Follow-up cleaning with a specially formulated male organ health cream (Man 1 Man Oil recommended by health professionals, clinically proven safe and gentle for the skin) to soften and soothe the skin.These special nurseries should be as nutritious natural bases as shea butter, including vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin A, B5, C, D and E to promote healthy skin and cells as well as alphaReduce signs of cell damage and aging.
These nurseries will keep this member hydrated and facilitate healing.Visitwww.First, menshealthfirst.Comfor more information on the treatment of common male organ health problems, including pain, redness, and loss of sensation in male organs.John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in male health issues and is an ongoing contributor to numerous online websites.
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