what is applied after a facial mask Acne: Physiology And Causes

what is applied after a facial mask Acne: Physiology And Causes
Acne is the most common of all skin problems.The problem is troubling 80% of the population.In many cases, acne may erupt and then disappear on its own, but in other cases it may require some special treatment.Acne affects the social, economic and psychological conditions of patients.When someone else breaks out, you may avoid engaging with them, or at other times, some people try to keep a distance from the patient to avoid infection.
There are many pores on the human skin (the largest number of pores on the face, chest, neck and back), and the roots (inside the skin) of these pores have follicles and a Sept gland attached to them.These normal functioning oil glands have the effect of secretion of some sebum, but when the secretion of these glands increases due to some factors, the bacteria around our body will be attracted and trapped in greasy pores.These bacteria then react and cause acne or acne.It is said that the reason for the increase in sebum secretion is not one, but multiple.
There are no specific reasons for this skin problem and no specific age, but it is said that young people in adolescence are the most affected.At this stage, the secretion of male hormones increases, thus enhancing the secretion of sebum, resulting in frequent outbreaks.One reason for acne may be the beginning of adolescence in adolescents.Others who have passed this age may also complain about the problem at this time.Acne is caused by some imbalance in normal skin physiology.Changes in lifestyle, inappropriate eating habits, stress, and an unhealthy environment can lead to this imbalance.So there is no single reason for these breakthroughs.These acne needs to be treated in a timely and appropriate manner despite the reasons, otherwise it can lead to scars, which can be difficult to cure.
Maintain good hygiene advice to wash areas that are prone to occurrence or affected multiple times a day.
Some people are said to have pimples when eating certain foods.This food must be avoided.
In addition to the daily life of properly cleaning the skin, people must exercise every day.This helps improve the body's immune and self-cleaning system.
Special attention must be paid to avoid infection during the rainy season and in the summer, as the number of bacteria in the air is the highest, and their chances of attachment to the skin are also the maximum humidity.
Pay attention to adding a lot of water and fresh juices to your diet as they help to drain toxins from your body.
Emotional stress is found to be the main cause of acne.Therefore, people must strive to live a life without stress.Enjoy and make the most of your life.
In the event of an emergency, never scratch the area with a nail or scrub.It has to use some resistance.Gel or soap must be kept dry and clean.Acne will subside on its own within 2 to 3 days.
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