what is applied after a facial mask Common Causes Of Hair Loss

Beauty is one of the things women want most.Even if some people may think that beauty lies in the eyes of onlookers, many people want to portray themselves in the most beautiful way they think they should.One of the biggest setbacks for women is hair loss.While there are many treatments for women, it is important to identify the cause of the disease, as this may lead to different treatments.
One of the most common reasons is genetics.Hair loss is a disease transmitted in the blood, accounting for 95% of the hair loss in women.If you see that your grandmother and mother's hair is thinning, it indicates that you may be in danger.
Another common cause of hair loss is the way women comb their hair.Unlike men, decorating their crowns is accepted in society.In fact, even if the process of reaching the result does terrible damage to the hair, one will praise a hairstyle that looks good.Some of the destructive things a woman can do is drag her hair, tie her hair too tightly, brush her hair too much, or apply too much chemicals, or too often.These actions may limit the natural flow of blood to hair follicles or damage them.To overcome this problem, change your way and make your hair less harmful.So before you find a way to treat women, think about your reasons and what you can do.
Among women, medical professionals refer to this situation as "female pattern hair loss", a broad term that indicates that many other reasons are also related to this situation.These drugs include other enzymes, blockers, and hormone receptors.Since it is diffuse, the female baldness revolves around the top of the head, and the enzyme and hormone receptor sites on the scalp vary.
Other causes of female hair loss include polycystic ovary syndrome (female hormonal problems ).Certain autoimmune diseases may cause inflammation of the scalp and patches or lumps of hair.Severe emotional trauma, childbirth, surgery, "Crash" diets, anemia, thyroid disease, and certain drugs can also change the natural hair growth patterns of women.
Due to a variety of reasons, for women with severe hair loss, it is essential to obtain a correct diagnosis of their condition and to find potential medical problems that should be treated initially.This is usually done through a blood test or a scalp biopsy if necessary.
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