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Hair is one of the greatest treasures of our lives.Unless they are properly taken care of, they become dry, fragile, damaged and lustrous.Therefore, be sure to take appropriate measures for hair care.Explore this post below to guide you on how to achieve shiny healthy hair in an easy way!
For healthy, silky, soft and long hair, dip 100gm multani clay into the water for 2 hours.Apply gently to your hair now.Clean after 10 minutes.Washing your hair with this herbal solution will make you soft and silky in an easy way.
Prepare a paste of gram pulse flour and water, apply it twice a week on your hair.Wash your hair in an hour.This will help to clean the hair and make it thick, black, shiny and shiny.It also relieved the problem of itching and boiling in the head very well.
In order to solve the problem of ash change, add the same amount of black sesame seeds and dry lotus.Chew a teaspoon of this mixture on an empty stomach every morning and drink a glass of water.
To solve the problem of dry hair, massage the hair regularly with almond oil or olive oil.
To treat the problem of hair loss and dandruff, mashed red vegetable leaves with henna paste and applied to the head.
Dip lemon peel in coconut oil 8-10 days in the sunSift and apply on your hair now.This is a very effective way to make your hair black and shiny.
Prepare a reissue at home, by adding almond oil, olive oil and olive oil together, moisturize the hair in an easy way and provide nutrients to the follicles.Apply this oil once a week.Wash with mild herbal shampoo.This will protect your hair from the sun in summer and extreme winter.Believe me, this is a hair tonic for the whole year.
Massage hair with vitamin E oil can effectively prevent and slow down the problem of hair loss.Vitamin E enhances fragile hair and also helps prevent dry and scaly skin.
You'll be glad to know that shampoo made of ponytail helps to get silky, soft, shiny hair in an easy way.
Massaging your hair with oil from a mountain cart, Rosemary, longevity chrysanthemum and nanmu also helps to prevent hair loss and other hair problems.
Cory Thiarello for FaceDoctor.
Herbal hair products have been widely accepted in the past few years.

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