what is applied after a facial mask Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Women have had to endure shaving, waxing, and pulling hair over the years.With laser hair removal, the moment of change has finally arrived.Discounts are usually offered at certain spas and salons, but this is not everything.People react differently to laser treatments, and going to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon in advance can save you a lot of grief.
For people with darker or tanned skin, these risks increase.The only way to make sure the doctor finds out is if he has handled a case similar to your skin.Laser hair removal is suitable for any body parts from the face, back, shoulders, arms, legs to the bikini area.The light source penetrates the skin and causes the follicles in its growth stage to lose function.
It usually takes four to ten treatments, four to six weeks apart, and depending on the type of hair and the target area, because at any point the hair is at a different stage.Fair skin with dark coarse hair requires less treatment.As there are 90% hair follicles in the target area, your treatment may end.In order to eliminate the last 10%, additional treatment is required only once every few years.
In some cases, the hair does grow back, but the hair is much thinner and barely noticeable.While this may require more effort, facial hair can also be removed.The American Academy of Dermatology has found that using prescription cream that slows down the growth of facial hair requires less laser treatment to eliminate facial hair.
The territory has brought some pain and it is said to feel like a rubber band card.However, this should be dealt with by cooling the skin or local anesthesia.Recently, it has been reported that in the process of laser hair removal, the use of surface anesthesia in too large areas will have side effects, this is another important reason why you have to be treated in a dermatologist or plastic surgeon's clinic.
Treatment ranges from minutes to hours depending on the size of the area.The typical cost of the procedure is $200 per treatment, or $1,200 for a series of treatments to clear an area.You will get the guidance you need to follow before and after treatment.
The ban includes all forms of tanning 30 days before treatment.Twitter, waxing and electrolysis are also prohibited.It is not possible to remove the hair in the follicles, and the follicles are the target of laser treatment.Only shaving is OK the day before as it leaves a little hair behind the follicles.Sun exposure is a big taboo.no post-Because it makes the skin particularly vulnerable.Any outdoor activity needs to be covered with SPF30 sunscreen in advance.

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