what is applied after a facial mask Hair transplant surgery has come a long way in this day in age-N

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what is applied after a facial mask Hair transplant surgery has come a long way in this day in age

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-08-04
Hair transplant surgery has made great progress in this era.The follicle unit transplant through stripe technology is considered a golden standard for hair restoration in men and women with male or female pattern baldness, and it continues to practice and use the world in thousands of patients.The only downside left with this procedure is the linear scar left by the donor area.Although patients understand the benefits of hair repair, they sometimes seem to have been recovered due to residual scars.But for those who have been transplanted, especially men, would they ask if there is another way to avoid this visible scar or there is no scar at all?Does anyone also ask about the possibility of scar enlargement and becoming more obvious?
Follicle unit transplant is the most cost-effective operation in the medical field today.In most hair transplant clinics, new technologies have been put into practice and implemented, including the use of tri-color closure techniques.The purpose of this technique is to allow hair follicles to penetrate the donor scar and further reduce its visibility.Another way is to use Botox around the donor scar to prevent extra stretching by relaxing the neck muscles.
Most male patients like to keep their hair in a shorter length.The length of the hair is clearly determined by the best disclosure of the patient.In some cases, any hair with a length of 1/4 "or #2 buzz clips can make the scar more visible.Hair stylists can also give you better hair length and grooming technical advice based on the width of the scar and the density of the hair.
The last option is to use follicle unit extraction or FUE.This process is done by selectively extracting the follicle unit and refining it to place it in the balding area.This is a more time-consuming process, and not all facilities will adopt this technology, but the advantage is that there is no linear scar left.This technique can also be used to fill the scar or growth area of the original donor.These findings are based on a study of patients with the nervous system who received a hair transplant to fill the nerve scar.

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