what is applied after a facial mask Healthy Follicles Mean Healthy Hair

Everyone wants healthy shiny hair, let's face it, and your hair bag has done a great job of keeping your hair healthy.Therefore, your work is very simple, just take care of the hair by keeping the condition of the hair and protecting it from damage.
Hair is made up of cells that contain a type known as collagen, consisting of three layers.The first layer is called the bone marrow, the next layer is the middle layer called the cortex, and finally, the inner layer of the hair is called the skin, consisting of tiny overlapping scales that protect the cortex.
If the skin of the hair is smooth and flat, the hair looks smooth and smooth, but the sign of damage to the cortex is that the end is broken, which will dry, brittle and blurry the hair.The answer, of course, is to take care of your hair, but I hear you ask, how was the hair damaged in the first place?
The scales of the skin made of the protein-protein can beat, but these scales are not live, so they cannot repair, heal or grow themselves.Once you blow through all the layers of the skin (about seven heavy layers), there is nothing to protect the cortex, so hair care is the basis for keeping your hair healthy.
The most common cause of hair damage is chemicals, of course, women like to try different colors, some people hate the idea of gray, but professional hair stylists will help you solve this problem, hope not to give you bad advice.
There are also two reasons for the Sun's damage to the hair. Eva rays will gradually break down the pigment molecules in your hair and leave a yellow color tone, which is why after exposure, the Sun's faded hair looks like copper and UV rays will break down the sulfur bond in your hair, which will eventually affect the strength and texture of your hair.
In order to keep your hair healthy and look great, the need for excellent hair care products and hair care will greatly help to eliminate any signs of damaged hair.There are so many hair care products on the market today that can actually prevent damage before it goes on sale, such as conditioner, in-element or after Sun shampoo, and conditioning spray, restore shampoo and conditioner, mousse, sesame oil, for all weather, winter protection, summer, but most importantly remember to shop in a reputable hair products store.
A spokesperson for Fabriah professional hair said that we store high quality hair products, and our best selling products are Restoration shampoo and conditioner, treatment supplies, energy serum, Moisture Shampoo.I think today is more concerned about the hair of men and women than ever, and want to buy the best products to reach such a high level of care, we only reserve top brands, and would be happy to provide advice and delivery for tips shipping.
The more you take care of your hair, the more beautiful you will get, not only will it look amazing, but it will be healthy and strong.
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