what is applied after a facial mask How Snail Serum Can Eliminate Keratosis Pilaris!

Hairy horn disease, or other known as KP, is a very common genetic follicle disease with symptoms of rough lumps on the skin and is therefore called "chicken skin ".\ "In general, it will appear on the outside of the body in addition to the upper arm, but it can also appear on the thighs and hips or any body part other than the palm or soles of the feet.
The study shows that KP affects about 40 to 50% of adults and about 50 to 80% of adolescents.Women have higher KP shrinkage than men.Cases of KP can vary from moderate to severe in varying degrees.Moderate KP bumps are scattered with no or little irritation.Severe KP will include a large area with virtually no smooth skin.Most serious cases include very stimulating and sensitive lumps.
Hairy horn is particularly common in the upper arm of adolescents.It can happen in the most obvious place on the baby's cheek.Although the hair angle is ugly, it is completely harmless.Usually during winter or other periods of low humidity, when the skin is dry, the situation is worse and may deteriorate during pregnancy or after delivery.This happens when the problem increases with higher pronunciation of texture and color.
Hair horn disease is often caused by excessive amounts of Kerins (a natural protein) in the skin gathered around the hair SAC (known as excessive horn disorder.This can only have cosmetic effects, and the most common is the spread of minor hard injuries, with little pain or itching.
With the hair and dead cells on the outermost layer of the skin blocked, the skin lost its ability to renew itself.Excessive adhesion of this material leads to the formation of these scaly plugs.Treatment requires dead cells to fall off and make room for fresh and healthy cells to replace them.
In order to restore the skin to the natural regeneration process, the treatment of the blocked follicles is expanded.

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