what is applied after a facial mask If You Have Combination Skin: Be Careful While Selecting Your Skin Care Products

Our skin covers and protects all other organs in our body.This is also our most important organ.The millions of cells that make up the upper layer (skin) are mainly divided into five categories.The various proteins and other products secreted by these cells determine the color and type of our skin.In addition to these cells, we also have pores and hairy follicles in our skin.Depending on the number and function of the above ingredients in the skin, it can be of five different types: oily skin, normal skin, dry skin, combined skin or sensitive skin.
Before finalizing a person's skin care system, product, or treatment, you should know his/her skin type.When you wake up in the morning, you can wipe your face with a tissue and it's easy to know your skin type.Now check if there are greasy spots on the paper towel.In this article, we will discuss the combination skin and the issues related to this type of skin.The following are the main features associated with the type of combined skin.
Combined skin: when checking this skin with a tissue, oil spots are found from the T area of the face (forehead, nose and chin.When rubbing on the cheek, there will be no spots on the paper.This skin type requires different treatments in different areas.e.Oil-based skin products for dry cheeks and immediate areas, forehead, nose and chin areas need to be thoroughly cleaned.
When choosing a product for your skin, you must consciously not over-dry the area where the face is dry, while being careful not to make the oilier area greasy.Apply different products on your cheeks and apply different products on your nose will not be very convenient.Therefore, you should choose a product that can maintain the balance of facial skin oil and water.Today, of the thousands of products, you can easily find those that are labeled with a combined skin label.Or you can ask your dermatologist for advice.However, whenever you choose and use the product, keep an eye out for the upcoming changes in the skin.Please note that the skin should remain hydrated throughout the day and that the new product should not cause any acne or pimples.These are signs that the product is not suitable for your skin, so it should be carefully observed.
People may also have different skin types for the body and face.In this case, the required skin care system and treatment will also vary accordingly.Today, the market is filled with skincare products, tools and treatments.These should be selected and used only after careful examination of a person's skin type.Proper skin care products and care methods can help you to have a young and radiant skin.
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