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what is applied after a facial mask Laser Hair Removal and Tanning

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-08-04
The modern way of life is very demanding and tiring.From challenging careers and looking forward to kids, there is sometimes not enough time in the day to get everything done for youdo list.But no matter what your lifestyle is, how many things can be balanced, we want to look and feel the best.For many men and women, this includes glowing suntan skin with smooth, silky and hairless.
Tanning can change the natural pigmentation of the skin.Whether you choose to tan in the natural sun, sunbeds in the tanning salon, or suntan cream, all tanning methods can be produced on the skin by changing the natural pigmentation of the skin
LHR is quickly becoming the first choice for hair removal and is fast, convenient and affordable.Laser hair removal allows you to remove hair without worrying about the hassle and confusion of other hair removal options.
However, those in favor of tanning do not encourage laser hair removal, as tanning darkens the skin and changes pigmentation no matter which method is used.Even in daily sunlight, it is recommended to use the SPF15 or later.This is because the process of laser hair removal involves light energy through the skin and entering the hair follicles below to disable them and prevent hair growth.However, sunburned skin absorbs excessive light energy when passing through the skin.When the skin absorbs too much light energy, the skin will burn or change color.Therefore, it is recommended that people wait for six to eight weeks after the last exposure to the sun or tanning cream, or until the bronze color on the skin fades to avoid any adverse effects during laser depilation treatment
But now, with lifestyle changes and technological developments, it is becoming more and more popular to use longer-wavelength lasers to provide safer treatments for people with darker or sunburned skin.A longer wavelength laser enables people with sunburned or darker skin to perform laser hair removal treatment comfortably, and does not show burning or discoloration that may damage the skin when using other lasers.
Due to the continuous development of technology, there is now a safe LHR method for every skin color and type.
Anyone who has just received laser depilation treatment, no matter which laser is used or what their skin type is, needs to properly care for their skin.Treated areas can be sensitive after treatment, and patients should avoid exposure to the sun and tanning cream until the sensitivity disappears and the skin heals.SPF 30 or higher should be used in the treatment area to ensure that the skin is not overexposed to the sun and to allow the skin to heal normally.

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