what is applied after a facial mask Laser hair removal is least effective on people with white, blond, or light brown hair

People often have extra blur where they don't want to go.Fortunately, these people can remove unwanted hair by laser hair removal.For women, the most common removal parts of the body include the legs, armpits, chin, and above the lips.The most common thing for men is to remove from the back, chest and arms.However, by laser hair removal, it can be removed from almost any part of the body.
In the process, medical professionals trained in dermatology or similar fields and certified will apply hand-held laser instruments on your skin.Before activating the instrument, the technician can apply local anesthesia to numb the skin.They can also apply a cooling gel in the treated area to protect the skin from high temperatures.
When activated, the instrument sends a strong light pulse to the skin, and when the light shines into the hair SAC, the heat immediately destroys them.Hair grows slowly after treatment.In most cases, it requires 6 to 8 treatments with a minimum interval of 6 weeks to achieve a long hairless.A range of treatments can produce clean and smooth skin anywhere from months to years.
The length of time that will not come back depends on everyone.The quality of the results also depends on the patient and the color of the skin and pigment.Laser hair removal is most effective for patients with light skin and darker shades.People with darker skin can also be treated successfully.Laser hair removal has the worst effect on people with white, golden or light brown hair.
For rough hair, treatment is also more effective than delicate hair.There may also be hair that simply resists the heat of the laser and does not come out.But in pre-surgery consultation, the doctor should be able to confirm if you are a good candidate for treatment.
This procedure is relatively safe, but there are some risks.The skin may be red and may be swollen after surgery, but this is normal.Gentle Skin after treatment;Do not pick or scrub the skin, be sure to protect the skin from the sun, apply sunscreen often, or even better, to avoid the sun.
Some rare side effects that may occur include blistering or scars, dark skin discoloration, skin pigmentation, acne recurrence, or skin texture changes.In most cases, it is usually temporary if the skin is affected in these ways.But it is always possible that the impact will be permanent.

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