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Laser depilation is becoming more and more popular as it is a very attractive alternative to shaving, depilation or waxing.It provides a more permanent solution that is safe and reliable and allows patients to see the results almost immediately.Laser hair removal is suitable for modern lifestyle for men and women and can free your hair in a very short time.
There are many different lasers available for permanent removal of unwanted hair on the face and body.There are Alexander laser, diode laser and strong pulse laser.Alexander laser and diode laser are similar to using the same procedure to eliminate hair growth.However, the wavelength of the diode laser is much longer, and it is good for people with darker skin and lighter skin.
How does the soprano XL work?
The energy of light is safely transmitted through the skin to the hair sac below.When the light energy reaches the follicle, it converts into heat energy and damages the follicle so that it cannot produce new hair.In order to have no hair at all, some treatment needs to be done on the target area at intervals of about 6 weeks.This is because the hair grows at different stages and the energy of light only affects the follicles of the hair that are active in growth.On average, it is recommended to have 6 treatments for the body and 8 treatments for the face.
Laser hair removal and everything else has its advantages and disadvantages.The advantages include comfortable treatment, which is almost painless.Local anesthesia cream is not required, it is safe to carry out laser hair removal in sensitive areas.The time required for the treatment is very small, for small areas, it may only take 5 to 10 minutes, laser hair removal is a very convenient method of hair removal, it can be used even in the busiest and most demanding lifestyle.As a result, it can be noted almost immediately that hair is easier to handle between the two treatments.
The only downside of the soprano XL is that this surgery does not work well for people with very light, white or gray hair, although there are products that can be used with laser hair removal for better results.After treatment, the treated area may be sensitive for a day or two, and exposure to the sun or sunbeds should be avoided before the skin returns to normal.

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