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what is applied after a facial mask Machines for Laser Hair Removal

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-08-05
Today, I will introduce some machines for laser hair removal.The first machine or equipment was developed by the soft light hair removal system and manufactured by Thermolase.But in the modern market, there are several laser hair removal machines.Now, I will give you a brief introduction to some of the machines that are commonly used now.
One of the names of this machine is long-Alexander.The machine has a facility that goes deep into the skin layer.It can go there, where the Mao follicles are located.
Another name for this machine is the diode laser.This is another highly competent machine consisting of tiny diodes.Its semiconductors are used to make light.One of the biggest advantages of this laser machine is that compared to another machine for laser hair removal, the wavelength is relatively long.This machine is very beneficial to those with dark skin.
And a machine called light-based sources.These light-The base is like a laser.This machine uses a light stripping process that provides a wide range of light that allows the process to work effectively on a variety of skins.The color of the hair and the depth of the hair are relatively deep.
One of the best machines is Q-Nd: YAG laser.The laser machine emits two different waves of light.The first lamp for deep penetration can remove invisible hair, which can reach the deep hair sac.The second lamp in green color is used to treat follicles.It is closer to the surface of the skin.In both light treatments, this device produces a rapid burst of light in the processing area, which contributes to this type of removal.
There are also products like rubies, a red beam that helps target dark melanin.


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