what is applied after a facial mask The Back and Laser Hair Removal

Sometimes, people usually suffer a different shame because of too much facial or body hair, so they do their best to deal with their hair privately, while suffering from emotional troubles to the public.In the past few months, when residents have received two depilation options, one uses laser technology and the other uses a more advanced form of light therapy.The family doctor who has done laser hair removal in the past few months is Altoona.She explained that the laser would emit high-energy light.
Considering that the light shines on the skin, the hair is on the skin, and the light does not have any effect on the skin, but focuses on the hair to destroy the hair sac.Because the electrolysis would put a needle in each hair SAC and wound it with a current, it could be tedious and the process would be completely different.Laser treatment can treat the upper lip in less than a minute, while electrolytic treatment takes 30 minutes.In this case, two or three treatments are required for each region.The most common part she does for women is the upper lip, chin, underarm and bikini line.Men ask for hair removal on the back and neck and thin the beard.
Sometimes people with dark skin and golden hair don't get good results from the process, but there are ways to help them get the results they want.
In this case, the cost of the initial consultation and the first meeting was approximately $200.The cost of the facial area is $200, and the cost of the bikini line or underarm is $350, which is the follow-up treatment.In this case, the cost of larger areas such as legs or back can be negotiated.For photo thermal analysis, this is the basic technology of how doctors pursue the target area.It is the heat from the light source that causes hair damage.
For sound waves, they have different frequencies, similar to radio waves with different frequencies.People usually choose different radio stations to listen to, which is how the machine works, because it gets the right light frequency for everyone based on hair color, hair thickness and skin color.Considering that this machine is about the size of a combination of washing machines and dryers stacked in apartment size, you can adjust the light intensity of each patient by changing the filter.When it comes to flash, it lasts about 5/second and about 30 light pulses are done during treatment.
1/2 by an area of 1/1/2, like a gum, hit by a pulse.Considering that 30 of these pulses are equal to about 20 square inches, the surgeon can do a lip and chin area or two cheeks in one operation.In this case, two to three treatments are received in each region.Regarding follow-up, let them separate for about a month in order to have time for hair follicles to die and fall off.Over time, activate the hair that is in the rest phase as only active hair can be processed here.
This procedure is called permanent depilation or long-term depilation by a doctor, rather than permanent depilation.You can expect some side effects such as slight skin irritation and slight swelling.After surgery, patients can return to normal activity and they are temporary when it comes to side effects.


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