what is applied after a facial mask The Wonders of Lasers

For sure, this was not the case with lasers before.Today you can see them in the barcode scanner, disc player and laser printer in the supermarket.In fact, even eye doctors use this technique to repair the detached retina, as well as surgeons who use photons (with the help of lasers) instead of surgical knives for fine surgery.
Even if the laser is used to exfoliate the skin, rather than a chemical peel like ethanol, the same result is produced, says one surgeon.He added that after using the laser, the skin will rejuvenate, the skin color will be even, the tone will be improved, and of course the pores will be minimized.
If the customer wants laser face peeling, remember the following steps.The patient and the person who will perform the operation should be equipped with a protective eye protector.After cleaning the skin, a solution will be applied on it.After that, the laser beam will do its job by tracing it on the skin.
The laser is like a hot needle going through your skin.After less than an hour, the changes on your skin will be obvious as you will see it glowing.Of course, the skin will be more sensitive, which is why customers need to wear sunscreen after these 12 hours of surgery.
The laser can get your hair removed where you don't want it to grow.The benefits of lasers are not only that, because they can also treat patients with hormonal hair growth problems.In fact, more can be classified as hair care treatment.The follicles of the hair are not completely destroyed due to the action of the laser, but the function of the laser is to make the hair unable to grow.
The therapist explains certain aspects of hair growth, such as the different stages of hair growth.If the hair is in an unacceptable stage of rest, the initial laser treatment will not affect the hair.As for the next stage, the growth stage, this enables the hair to receive laser treatment.
In each laser session, their goal is to target 20% of the hair during the growth phase.If Laser therapy is used, the new hair will grow after six to eight weeks, and the hair treated with wax will grow three to four weeks compared to wax therapy.According to what he said, the possibility of hair becoming thicker is reduced every time the laser is treated.
In the first year of depilation treatment, the client needs to attend four meetings, but in the second year, the meeting will be reduced because the client's hair will grow thinner.To allow the skin to absorb more laser, a carbon-based emulsion was applied to the customer's skin.In this way, the hair will fall off in about a week.Since this is a process that uses low-energy lasers and is also approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, the surgeon claims that this process does not involve any risks.


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