what is applied after a facial mask What you need to know about treating your Acne

Acne is the term for acne and skin color problems that occur in many young people and some adults.About 90% of people get acne at some point in their lives.Pimples usually appear on the face but may extend to the neck, chest, upper limb, back and legs.Acne is only a skin problem and does not affect your whole body health.

It usually starts with puberty and can last for many years.

As the body matures, hormones will be produced, stimulating the skin gland of the sebum (oil production) to produce more sebum or grease.Grease lubricate the skin.When the oil is secreted faster than the oil, the oil glands in the hair or pores will be blocked, and the skin cells will discharge the pores.Sometimes the plug causes the pore wall to break, causing redness, swelling and pusIn other words, it is a knot.Blocked oil glands may form black and white heads.Blackheads are not caused by dirt;On the contrary, there is a bacteria that usually lives on the skin and grows on the sebum produced by the oil glands.Sometimes the bacteria breed and cause inflammation and acne.

Adult women often have acne during middle age.Although hormones play a role, the reason is unknown.

What can be done?
Acne can not be completely prevented.Nevertheless, careful skin care programmes can help reduce the severity of it and the formation of new pimples.

Wash your face twice a day with a gentle skin cleaner to prevent oil from piling upup.
Don't scrub your face with a rough towel or sponge.Scrubbing can actually stimulate the skin and make the situation worse.
Try gentle cleaning with your hands.
After cleansing, excess oil can be removed using a local gel.
Do not squeeze, scratch or pick up lesions.This can leave a tiny permanent scar on your face.
Prescription treatment is recommended and it may take one to two months to see the improvement.

Peroxide and vitamin A derivatives.For optimal results, local drugs are sometimes used in combination with antibiotics.

An oral vitamin A derivative is a strong and effective treatment for acne that can "cure" many people.There are many side effects in the treatment of Tane tane, and proper consultation and monitoring are essential.
Acne project developed by Dr.Special circumstances of your acne.Since it does vary in most cases and the degree of participation changes, your program is modified from time to time.Continued progress depends on regular evaluations and changes if necessary.Controlling acne is an ongoing Dayto-The process of the day, an effective project requires good communication between you and the doctorSexton.
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