what is egg facial mask for Armed burglar loses his mask, footing and mates

what is egg facial mask for Armed burglar loses his mask, footing and mates
A man who wants to steal with an illegal pistol, when the police catch him, he loses his disguise, foundation and companionA court heard a case filed outside a company in Launceston.
Joshua John Atkinson, 27, admitted on Thursday in Launceston's Supreme Court that he was ready for the crime, just before he was about to go on trial.
He has been in detention since August 2014, and in November he was detainedHe suspended his sentence for a month after violating the ban.
Yesterday, prosecutor Luke Brett told the court that in the early hours of April 7, 2014, behind a news agency on Wellington Street, Atkinson and two unidentified men intended to break in and steal the lighter.
Mr Brett said that a policeman had come and two of Atkinson's associates jumped on a runaway car and trapped him there.
The police chased Atkinson and arrested him after the cloth that covered his face fell.
Mr Brett said a policewoman came and the unidentified man was wearing a white apartment --Pallet utilities Park near two police officers in the middle of Wellington Street and Atkinson and drive past the police.
The police found a FN Hernandez with a full load of work-Mm pistol in Atkinson's pants
Defense lawyer Fran McCracken said Atkinson has a long history of drug use and rarely remembers his crime, and that he was affected by drugs when he committed all his crimes.
Mrs. McCracken referred to the victim impact statement of the two police officers and said that although the policewoman thought she would be knocked down by a runaway car, it had nothing to do with her client.
Chief Justice Alan Blow said the pistol was an aggravating factor and someone could be killed.
He sentenced Atkinson to a partial 10-month imprisonment, No.Six months of parole.
The sentence included penalties for four firearms-held summary offences in the same incident, which Atkinson also admitted.
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