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Security Number (SD) is a non-Volatile memory card format developed by the SD Card Association (SDA) for portable devices.SD technology is used by more than 400 brands in dozens of product categories and more than 8,000 models.At 2006 International CES, the SD Card Association (SDA) announced the establishment of version 2 of the SD specification.
0 for SDHC (large capacity of safe digital );Make way for the SDHC memory card to become the next generation SD card.Designed to meet higher memory capacity, the SDHC memory card will meet higher requirements in the next generation of technology, enabling the SD card to reach a higher capacity of 4 gb to 32 gb.New electronic devices that will use SDHC memory cards include audio/video and telecom devices such as digital cameras, cameras, mobile phones, computers, PDAs, plasma televisions, etc.
The SDHC memory card is a flash memory card with a minimum capacity of 4 GB.The SDHC memory card is designed for devices compatible with SDHC 2.00 specifications.Product 1 designed to support previous SD Specifications.
0 and 1.
1 will not be able to use the SDHC memory card.Growth in high demandThe flash memory part of the capacity comes from high-HD video and highResolution Digital photographySDHC memory cards address the challenges of these demanding products not only by providing ample storage space, but also by introducing a new feature: data transfer speed classification (DTS.Consumers can get the best performance value from their digital products by using flash cards that support the device's highest data transmission speed standards.
SDHC memory cards belong to different categories of class 2, Class 4, Class 6 and class 10.SDHC memory cards are classified to guarantee a specific continuous DTS.This may save consumers money as flash cards are priced not only based on capacity, but also based on speed.
For example, if the maximum DTS for a product is 2 MB/second, it would be a waste of money to pay extra cash for class 4 or class 6 SDHC memory cards.Instead, devices that can use 4 MB/second or 6 MB/second DTR will perform better using class 4 or class 6 SDHC memory cards, respectively.When the previous specification broke through with a capacity of 2 GB, the security number was forced to create a new specification for the SDHC memory card.
This happened before, when the SD card hit the wall of 512 MB.The new 2.The 00 specification should last longer as it allows the SDHC memory card to reach a maximum capacity of 32 GB.So is the security number-It is named for its ability to protect copyrighted content through digital copyright management or DRM.
Because of this, it is a popular Flash format in audioVisual industry.For maximum performance, users should pair their devices with the corresponding SD memory card.The user manual of the device will help you select the memory card of the same SD standard as the device to maximize the performance of the device.
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