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At the beginning, everyone must pass through puberty. you must know that acne is normal at this stage of life.So you have to deal with these pills quietly and patiently to avoid the consequences.
-Continuous disinfection of skin exposed to air contaminants is the first step in treatment.-Do not touch and play the grain yield of the white material as this leads to an increase in the number of grains and leaves traces after the grain itself disappears.-As an adult, hormones start to stimulate the oil glands in the skin, she can discharge the pores of the fat-blocked skin, dead skin cells are made up of bumps, and the external skin sometimes has black heads and sometimes opens these-Mixing milk with water when washing your face helps to sterilize your skin and prevent the appearance of new pills.
-And place boiling water on the sheet of the camphor tree, covering 3-4 hours, then filter with a piece of gauze, then mix with natural apple cider vinegar, put it in the refrigerator and wash the skin every day.--A -Including carrots and parsley and lemon juice.Note: squeeze the mixture through carrot juice.
-C -It consists of carrot juice, orange juice and ginger.D -This cocktail is especially suitable for women with oily skin.-Avoid anxiety and stress as it increases food.
-Avoid cosmetics during this particular period.-Avoid normal child wash with soap and replace it with soap or medical soap.-If you still have traces of pills, you can use a peeled cream after consulting a doctor.
-Take some herbs such as Truba, parsley, and lots of onions and garlic.---Animal protein: it is found in various meats.-Plant proteins: proteins such as those in beans and soybeans.
Carbohydrates: rice, pasta, bread, etc.
Fat: Meat or margarine and oil.
Vitamins: rich in vitamins in various vegetables and fruits.-Iron: syrup, dates, liver, eggplant and spinach.-Calcium: calcium is found in all dairy products such as milk and cheese and yogurt.
-Magnesium and phosphorus: seafood such as fish and shrimp is available.These are what the body needs every day, and we adopt a neutral and balanced attitude.-A -Mask paper cabbage: boiled strongly and then boiled with water for washing your face in the grain and pimples area;, Using a wet cotton swab washed with this, passed to the face, can be kept in the refrigerator for more than one use, this washing can lead to the elimination of pimples.
B -Mask garlic: cut into small pieces and put on pimples or grains. Although it hurts a little, the effect is very good. use it twice a day in the morning and evening.
C -Chamomile flower mask: The small grip of the chamomile flower plant is added to the two cups of hot water for 20 minutes, and then discharged twice a day and stained with water-stained warts body.D -Mask Island: add lemon for half an hour to cut carrots without peeling, put them on the skin, make the skin clear and bright, and also eliminate all wrinkles and pimples and remove impurities from oily skin.E -Pomegranate Mask: a cup of pomegranate juice, a teaspoon of vinegar, apply this mixed warts several times a day.
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