what kind of facial mask ayesha curry sleep apnea and cpap : why they make the best of friends?

what kind of facial mask ayesha curry sleep apnea and cpap : why they make the best of friends?
At times, the diagnosis and treatment patterns of this situation surprised us.Take sleep apnea and continuous airway ventilation masks as examples.You know nothing about both.You also don't know what the disease is or why the doctor asks you to wear clothes that you have never worn before?About these two aliens, there are a lot of problems in your mind.sounding terms.You long for answersWhat is sleep apnea?Judging from the severity and pain it brings, sleep apnea can easily be called one of the most severe sleep disorders that occur when the airway is narrow, leading to respiratory disorders.This situation is mainly caused by neglected snoring, which is characterized by repeated breathing pauses, which can last for about 10 seconds at a time.Depending on the severity of the condition, the patient can experience this suspension 5 to 30 times in an hour.What is the relationship between masks and treatment of this situation?According to the study, ventilator or continuous positive air pressure treatment is one of the most effective ways to treat this disabling disease.It needs to be in pre-Put the pressurized air directly into the lungs to prevent collapse and blockage of the airway during sleep.Equipment designed to achieve this function includes air-The generating device, the mask that brings the pressurized air into the lungs and the hose that connects the machine to the mask.Nasal Mask is considered the most important part of the device group and can be worn around the nose, mouth or both.Masks: what are they?What is the choice?These masks are usually triangular to match the contours of the face and are made of soft silicone material.Since the user's sleep and breathing habits are different, choosing the most suitable mask is an important consideration before purchasing.To meet the preferences of individual customers, there are several types of ventilator masks available today.Here's what you can learn about some of the popular options: 1.Gel Mask: for users who are allergic to silicone, the most suitable one is the ventilator gel mask.It guarantees a comfortable fit and is considered one of the most comfortable masks.The material that makes this mask is mixed with gelatin and some soft plastic.It needs to be ready in advanceUse the pre-heating in order to make the personalized mask that matches the facial profile in the most ideal way.Of course, there are gel masks that need to be prepared in advance.heating.2.Full face mask: This mask starts from the bridge of the nose and extends all the way to the lower lip, covering the chin and spreading all over the face.In order to maintain its position during use, the mask carries additional straps at the level of the forehead and mouth.3.Nasal Mask: When you talk about sleep apnea and persistent airway ventilation masks, you may hear more information about the nasal mask than any other type, as its use is the most commonThis mask covers only the nose, and during use it is worn with the help of straps around the head to ensure safety.
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