what kind of facial mask is good for oily skin Acne Inversa: What is it?

After puberty, we have to experience at least one outbreak of acne.Many people think that the outbreak of acne is the most terrible skin infection, because it will not only cause pain, but also damage the texture of our skin.However, we rarely know that there are more painful skin diseases called acne inversa.
Unlike acne, which is also known as Khan itis inflammation as a skin disease in which people have to experience severe pain caused by lens I.e.A mass formed on the body.These lumps are very sensitive and form in areas where the skin is in contact with the skin, such as the armpit, under the breast, inside the thigh, groin, etc.Especially in areas with sweat glands and oil glands.In some cases, the affected areas become more red and even black spots appear, which makes the situation worse.
It usually starts after puberty and stays longer once it is affected.Most people with acne are 20-Women aged 40 are affected three times more than men.This is an incurable disease, very painful.Many people infected with this skin find it very uncomfortable and stressful.
Although science has developed many treatments for the most terrible diseases, no permanent treatment for acne infosa has been found.Many times, even doctors make mistakes in their diagnosis.So, ask the doctor to check and he will correctly diagnose your skin condition and provide it with the right treatment.
As the most popular statement says, prevention is better than treatment.Therefore, it is better to take preventive measures than to be affected.
Take a shower every day, properly clean the area in contact with the skin, and apply anti-corrosion cream, especially the area with sweat glands and oil glands.
Tight clothes are prohibited.
If you sweat a lot, take appropriate measures to avoid excess sweat.
If you are overweight, try to lose some weight, as this is a known cause of acne inforsa.
The treatment options for acne due to fessa are limited and have never been considered effective.The treatment regimen depends on the extent of the affected area and whether the blisters are pain or pollution.Mild situations can be handled by selfNursing methods, such as hot compress and washing with antibacterial soap, are often used.More serious cases can be associated with local or systemic resistanceOr both.Topical anti-A reliable biological preparation in a randomized controlled trial was the clinicins.Treatment may vary depending on the performance and severity of the condition.Patients should discuss all alternatives with a doctor or a skin doctor.Completely quitting smoking is obviously important in the treatment of acne due to fessa.
You will avoid this skin infection by following the given precautions and visiting a dermatologist frequently.

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