what kind of facial mask is good for oily skin Diet and cystic acne relationship


Food problems, but unfortunately it doesn't work for everyone.There is some ambiguity about what "good eating" is made up.For example, some diets are less interested in cereals and carbs, while most nutritionists recommend a grain-based diet.There are also many books on diet and food, and there are some differences in views.
Interestingly, many studies have been done on the relationship between diet and cystic acne, but no findings have been found.In addition, diseases caused by malnutrition or poor diet often persist until poor diet is corrected.For example, if your iron intake is low, you will continue to feel tired until your iron intake increases.Cystic acne (in most cases) disappears in the medium termAlthough the patient's diet has not changed, they are in their 20 s.Now, if cystic acne is a disease caused by poor diet, why does it suddenly disappear?
One thing I strongly object to is that cyst acne is a symptom of Western diet.In fact, those of us who have traveled may have noticed that traditional Asian and African diets are not better for their culture than Western diets, at least in terms of the incidence of cystic acne in their population.There is likely to be strong evidence that Western diets are not very good for us --But there is no evidence that it can cause or aggravate cystic acne.
I'm not trying to completely discredit the claim that diet works in cystic acne, but there are still many other factors that can trigger this skin condition like hormones, genetics, vitamin deficiency, stress and more.

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