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Considered the right of way for teenagersOn the other hand, it can be very painful with them from adolescence to adulthood.This skin disease affects millions of people across the country and has thousands of treatments.This article will look at what acne is and the different ways to treat it.
Acne is a skin disease that occurs due to the excessive secretion of oil from the oil glands of the skin.In order to have acne, the oil naturally produced by your skin will be recorded in the oil pipeline.So we will form white heads, blackheads and pimples.This is basically acne, and this is the case to varying degrees.You may have pimples that contain pus or pimples, pimples with white heads, and at the end of the day there may be cysts that appear to have broken skin.
There are different ways to treat acne, but some people use a variety of natural products.There is a product that is Azelaic acid.This product is often used in many creams, lotions and gels.It is especially good at treating acne because it has the effect of killing bacteria and its resistance to acneCharacteristic of inflammation.Azelaic acid is also an attack on bacteria that can infect pores and inhibit the production of toxins, which can also lead to an outbreak of acne.

Tretinoin.It is a vitamin A derivative that is very useful in removing acne, white heads and blackheads.No one really knows how the vitamin A acid works, but the way it works on the skin is extraordinary.It will clear the pores and also help the skin to peel off.The FDA has approved this product for the treatment of this acne since 1971.It can be used in local liquids, gels, or cream.This product is best used every day.If used properly, individuals should see some positive changes in the skin between six and eight weeks.One thing with vitamin A acid treatment is that acne gets worse before it starts cleaning up.
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