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Do you want to have healthier young skin?We all do.There are many reasons for our skin aging, some of which include poor diet, lack of exercise, daily stress and air pollution.Some of the factors we can control, others are just a fact in life, and we can hardly reduce their impact.One of the tools we can use to slow down or even reverse the skin aging process is right in front of us.Facial massage is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your skin condition, and the best part is that you can do it anytime, anywhere, and it takes only a few minutes to rejuvenate your skin, make you feel younger.
The history of facial massage can be traced back thousands of years ago, describing some ancient Chinese medical texts, as well as medical writing at the beginning of massage techniques in Greece, Persia and India, as with many of its benefits.But in our western world, facial massage is a relatively new discovery, which was mainly applied in Europe, aesthetics and massage at the beginning of the last century.Recently, facial massage has become more and more popular and can be done at any contemporary beauty spa as part of General facial care.
Fortunately, the facial massage is easy to complete at home and will make your skin feel better in just a few minutes.This massage is usually done with gentle finger pressure to relieve the overall tension and pressure and improve the appearance of the skin.In addition, in order to reduce stress and other benefits, tighten facial muscle tension, relieve pain in the face, eyes, relieve stress and anxiety, and the overall feeling of relaxation effect.
An important part of any massage comfort, if your body is relaxed and your mind is calm, you can achieve the best results.Find a quiet place at home where you will not be disturbed.You can enjoy a massage or sit down, but the key is complete relaxation and comfort.
Before starting the massage, if you wear contact lenses, be sure to remove the contact lenses or glass, wash your hands with soap and water, and remove anything if you need to clean your face with a soft cloth.Then put a small amount on the hand sanitizer or massage oil and start massaging the face and neck with a circular motion with the index finger.
Here are some other exercises that you can do as a regular part of the massage.

Tap the skin gently with your fingers for a minute to stimulate blood flow to the head and improve brain cell activity.
Slide the second forehead
Put your palm on his forehead and the palm is inward.Now turn your head to the left, left to right, and the left hand touches her forehead with a finger to stimulate the skin.It should be on your head, don't move your hand.Repeat about 10 times.
Before massaging the eye area, please note that the skin around the eyes is very delicate and thin than the rest of your face, so in this technique, be sure not to take too much pressure.Now, when your hand is on his cheekbone thumb, put your hand on the height of the eye and the loose fist.Move your hand from the bridge of the nose with your fingers and move down the arch around the eyebrows, not the eyes.Then do the same thing, except this time moving in the opposite direction from the bridge of the nose, and the eyes moving from the inside to the cheekbow.Repeat 10 times in each direction.
The fourth cheek is pale.
Open your hands and place them on the cheekbones on both sides of the face.Move your hands firmly into your mouth, then continue running on the chin line, then head up into your ears and trim your back as you start, completing the circular cheekbone area.Repeat 10 times
The fifth swipe card
This is similar to the forehead sliding, except on the level of the mouth.The palms slide their fingers inward, and the palms turn his head from one side to the other.Make sure you move your head, not your hand.Repeat 10 times

Lightly ginger on your neck and gently pull forward.In this action you want your thumb to be with your index finger, so you pull the skin gently.Since the first hand slides on the other hand, the process is repeated.Don't feel pain or discomfort.Repeat it 10 times with both hands.

Use your fingers to separate your fingers from other fingers and place them on the side of your head so that your ears can use their fingers between the holes.Now move your fingers and rub along this area.Repeat 10 timesThen we massage our ears.Rub the top of the ear between the thumb and the first two fingers, and massage the entire area is surrounded to the earlobe.Finally, complete your column with a powerful tugboat, then do the same thing for the middle, then go to the top of the ear.Repeat gently pull about 3 times.
These exercises should give you a good introduction to the art of massage.Then, when they should be more relaxed.Try to do it every day if possible, and after a few weeks we'll see some results where your skin feels younger than ever before.

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